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Scaling 0 to 100 million in ARR: Lessons learned

Hey everyone,

Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, once said, “You really only build something amazing if you hit the scale problem.”

It’s been more than ten years since the first contract was sent and signed in the Oneflow platform. Oneflow has grown fast during the last few years, doubling the headcount within two years. Not to mention entering three new markets and getting listed on Stockholm’s Nasdaq in April 2022. Going from 0 to 100 millions SEK in ARR, it’s safe to say we’ve hit the scale problem. 

Anders Hamnes, our CEO and Founder of Oneflow, shared his lessons learnt.

Don’t be blinded by money

Do you really need to get money now? It’s costly, especially early on when looking for investors. Try to wait as long as you can without risking running out of cash. Always keep some time (like 10%) to work on getting funds, so you’re ready and not just when you’re almost out of money.

Don’t leave hiring to chance

Dream of hiring a stellar team? Hiring must be your key competence. Nobody can sell your company to top talents better than yourself. Build inhouse hiring competence early. Make your hiring process predictable. Track calls, interviews, time spent per role so the next time you need a sales rep in Finland, you know how long it will take. 

Don’t let culture runs its own course

Culture gives a purpose for your people to be part of something great. You have only two options, either let your culture live its own life and be out of control, or take control of your culture and core values. Always connect and articulate your core values to concrete behaviors and actions.

Don’t let go of the important details

Micromanagement isn’t the same as being in the details. There’s a difference between micromanagement, which is telling people exactly what to do versus being in the details. How can you be a great manager if you’re not in the details, understand the nuances of the work, and understand if people are doing a good or excellent job?

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