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Six tips to survive and thrive in 2024

To say that 2023 was a year of uncertainty is an understatement. Over the past couple of years, we’ve experienced a global pandemic, an acceleration in tech adoption due to widespread illness, the highs and lows of remote work, modern-day wars, bank failures, inflation, tech layoffs, AI replacing jobs, and Twitter became X.

As we step into 2024, one can’t help but wonder what’s next. Whether you’re leading sales teams, running your own business, or advancing in your career, we’d like to share six tips we’ve learned to help you survive and thrive in 2024.

1. Bet on yourself
They say change is the only constant. After everything that has happened this past year, it’s clear that “the only certainty is that nothing is ever certain.” However, there is one thing certain, you. Your best bet for 2024? Invest in yourself.

2. Steal from other industries
Don’t settle for the pace that your own industry is moving at, stay up to the speed of the other industries around you. Adopt new lingo learned from other industries that have gone where you want to go.

3. Be the linchpin
As Seth Godin would ask, are you indispensable? Think of one person who is truly vital to the company you work for. Chances are, they are the innovative ones who are always figuring things out. A linear career progression doesn’t apply to them because they make their own paths. The factory era is no more and make 2024 the year you let your true value shine. 

4. Have a clear roadmap
It’s simple – if you don’t make a plan, you might end up following someone else’s. What do you want to accomplish by the end of Q1? Q2? What does success look like as we step into 2024? Make sure you know where you’re heading and how you’re going to get there. Be the one in charge of your own path.

5. Build your reputation
PR is free for B2B on LinkedIn. But only 2%* are taking advantage of it. How you present yourself online and offline makes a big difference in your professional growth. Be the person people think of when they need an expert in your field. Document your thoughts and insights, get involved in your community, and be consistent.

6. Stick to your routine and keep at it
Success isn’t about one big moment; it’s about what you do every day. Keep at it with discipline and consistency. The small efforts you make every day add up and set you apart.

The year 2024 marks the start of our journey as we grow as leaders, experts, and innovators. Aim for greatness and let us be the ones setting the pace. If you want to share these tips on LinkedIn, share this slideshow to get more reach! Here’s to a year of learning, growing, and achieving like never before!

*There are 930 million LinkedIn users and 11 million are LinkedIn creators.

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