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Product Updates

The Oneflow x Upsales integration just got a whole lot better!

We’re proud to continue to deliver a smoother contract process together with our partner Upsales.

Together, we’re launching new improvements to the integration:

  • Include more custom fields – from opportunities, contacts, and companies into your contracts, giving teams more flexibility to create accurate contracts.
  • Seamlessly add product specific information – add product code and description from Upsales into the description column in the Oneflow contract’s product table, on top of name, price, quantity, and discount – giving customers a better overview and ability to navigate their contract with ease.
  • Separate one-time prices and recurring prices – inside the contact’s product table when syncing products from Upsales to Oneflow.

These improvements enable sales teams to have:

Consistency across Upsales and Oneflow

With a higher degree of flexibility and ability to include more and accurate information about your products and services, sales teams can ensure consistency and accuracy across Upsales and their contracts – without any of the manual hassle.

Customization and flexibility

An increased flexibility to customize the integration to cater to your needs enable reps to tailor contracts the way they want, while automating the data entry process.

Reduced contract admin

All of this continues to remove tedious, time-consuming, and boring manual work ensuring contracts and Upsales is in sync.

Why Oneflow for Upsales

The Oneflow x Upsales integration makes it possible for sales teams to create, send, and track interactive contracts without leaving Upsales. Oneflow’s editable, data-rich contracts makes it possible to seamlessly populate data from Upsales into a contract and make live edits after sending it – streamlining your negotiation process. 

On top of getting access of dynamic, web-based contracts with this integration, teams will also be able to:

  • Track the status of contracts directly in Upsales. Keep track of when a contract is pending, opened, and signed – allowing for timely follow-up and action.
  • Have a secure and fast signing process with mobile-friendly electronic signatures.
  • Keep your sales pipeline in Upsales up-to-date with automated stage mapping across the opportunity stage and the stage of your contract.
  • Export contract metadata and make informed decisions based on contract performance, cycle times, pricing, and more.

Getting started

With just a few clicks, you can connect the two platforms and start enjoying the benefits of streamlined contracts directly from Upsales. Sign up to test it yourself or book a demo with our experts to see it in action.


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