We hope you have had a relaxing summer and are ready to take the fall by storm! Our team has been working full steam ahead all summer to make Oneflow easier, safer, and faster to use – all thanks to your feedback! Here are some of the improvements that we think you are going to love:

Show me the money (on all contracts)!

Contract value is now available for all contracts, without having to enable it for specific collections This will make it easier for you to get an instant overview of the value of your contracts.

Add either company or individuals as counterparties at all times

Instead of specifying the type of contract – B2B or B2C – in the template, it is possible to add company and/or individual as a counterparty at any time in all contracts. This is an update that is going to save you some unnecessary keystrokes.

Add access to collection(s) in invite user flow

When inviting a new user to your account, you have the ability to pick one or several collections together with the desired role. This ensures the people you invite have immediate access to everything they need.

Oneflow filters

Time is money! More filters for the people!

This next update is going to save you time when you filter and search for contracts. You can filter on signed contracts with no lifecycle instead of having to go through all signed contracts. At the same time, we’ve also made the lifecycle filter available on the “All contracts” tab.

Tidying up with Oneflow!

Automatically clear out drafts and contracts that are declined, expired or terminated after a specific number of days This rule will help keep you organized and make Marie Kondo proud!

The wonderful (import) wizard of Oneflow

We have updated our import flow inside the contract view. This will allow you to use more features during imports and also make it easier to work with imported contracts as you do with regular contracts.

Oneflow Webinar + Customer case

If you want to learn more and see some of these updates in action, join Oneflow Webinar on September 17th. You will even get the chance to hear from Apotea, Sweden’s largest online pharmacy, who will share some of their tips to get the most out of Oneflow. Join us here

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