How does your sales tech stack look like?

Oneflow TV had a little chat with Miikka Jokela, Growth Marketing Manager at Vainu, about sales automation technology trends and how it speeds up the sales process.

As business is growing at a rapid pace, time is the most important asset. Oneflow TV had a conversation with Vainu’s Growth Marketing Manager, Miikka Jokela, about how sales automation technology like Vainu and Oneflow can help salespeople to save time, close deals faster, and dramatically speed up the sales process.

At Oneflow, our sales team uses multiple tools across the entire sales process:
🚀 Prospecting – Vainu, LinkedIn
🚀 Outbound communication – Mixmax, The Phone
🚀 CRM – Salesforce
🚀 Proposal/Document generation – Oneflow
🚀 E-signature – Oneflow
🚀 Contract e-archive – Oneflow

How does your sales process look like? We can’t wait to hear from you.

Challenges with the manual sales process.

Anything that prevents you from sealing the deal fast should be eliminated.

Manual work in the sales process.

These challenges could be unnecessary fields to enter in the CRM or extra clicks to find the email address of the prospect. Sales reps can lose track of conversations due to long email threads or lack of audit history. Momentum is lost when sales reps fail to reach out to the prospect at the right time. This usually happens when they are not data-driven. Understanding the prospect’s needs can help sales reps determine when to reach out to them.

Control and insights.

The Head of Sales may not have control or overview over all sent or pending offers, which makes it harder for them to know which sales reps have the highest hit rate. Sales reps may not have any idea what happens to the proposal after it is sent or have no way of replicating top performing proposals.

Frictions in the negotiation and closing steps in the sales process.

Repetitive work, especially when editing a proposal that is already sent, can kill momentum. Sales reps usually need to go back to the Word or Google Docs file to make changes there before exporting it to PDF again. A lot of time has passed by the time they update the proposal and reach out the client once more. These tasks need to be done as they are part of getting the deal done.

However, these tasks also create friction, kill momentum and sap energy.

Momentum is significant when it comes to sales. The probability of closing a deal drops quickly with time. The possibility of competitors snatching away your prospects also increases.

Benefits of automated sales process.

automate sales and hiring process

Automation gives you more resources and time to provide positive, lasting customer experiences. It allows you to focus on bigger experiences that will create a difference in the way customers interact with your brand.

With Oneflow, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Larger average deal size – Because e-contracts are interactive, you can include options in your contract that the prospect can pick and choose on their own.
  • Double your hit rate – It is easy to sign from anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Speed up your sales cycle by 8x – Live editing allows you to make changes to the offer “live” even after it is sent.
  • Maximize sales rep productivity – Oneflow eliminates the time-consuming steps of the contract process. Your sales reps can focus on selling.
  • Stand out – Oneflow’s interactive proposals allow you to engage your prospects so that they interact with the proposal before signing.
  • 100% control on all contracts – You get an overview of all outgoing contracts and have all contracts in one secure digital archive.