As we are approaching the holiday season, we wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on the product changes released throughout 2018. And what a busy year!

Thank you for your engagement!

Many of the new features were directly driven by Oneflow users through feedback sent to our Sales, Customer Support and Customer Success teams.

So first of all, as the Head of Product Management, I would like to thank you and all our customers for your engagement in improving Oneflow! You have shown that together, we can make magic #inittogether

Welcome to our new refreshed UI!

Oneflow had a facelift this year and you cannot have missed it. For the last months, our Product and Development teams have been building the next evolution of Oneflow. It’s sleek, fast, and more scalable.

We took all the great things about Oneflow, surveyed many of our customers for improvements, added a new engine and ended up with with a new, easy-to-use user interface and it comes bundled with many new features.

refreshed ui
another refreshed ui

Control distribution to participants with Signing Order.

There are many scenarios where a specific contract distribution order is needed. With the new Signing Order feature, the agreement will only be sent to the next person on the Signing Order list once the previous participant has signed the agreement.

Collections and access control.

A big majority of our customers have deployed Oneflow across the entire organization to work more efficiently with contracts. To support this trend, we announced back in June the release of our new Collections and, based on our customer feedback, has since been widely appreciated.

Using Collections in Oneflow is a great way to structure and organize the different types of contracts that require access control. For example, if you’re using Oneflow for both HR and Sales contracts, then the HR team should not be allowed to access the Sales contracts, and vice versa. However, the CEO may want to access all contracts within the organizations. Collections in Oneflow enables you to achieve that.

Contracts are placed in Collections (think of it as a folder or virtual vault) and users are given access with defined permissions. For more details, check out our blog post on Collections.

oneflow collections

New integrations with CRM systems.

Oneflow’s goal is not to disrupt your workflow, we just want to be part of it. Whether you use Salesforce, Upsales or LimeCRM, we’ve got your back.

Oneflow has released native integrations with these three CRM systems to facilitate contract creation and e-signature from a single tool.

oneflow salesforce integration

Always be on top with our new 360° Dashboard.

Released in October, our new 360° Dashboard gives you access to your KPIs at a glance. How many contracts were sent the last 30 days? What is the sign rate for a particular team member? These are a couple of questions that can now be answered from the 360° Dashboard. But that’s not all, we are continuing development and will soon add filtering by users and time period.

oneflow dashboard

Is that all?

Of course not! In this blog, we simply handpick a few more popular features but the list of new features and improvements we have released this year is loooong. We’ve improved the contract search feature, unlimited message templates, Collection branding, improved the contract export feature, added support for custom notice period reminders, contract template sharing across Collections, and more.

What's next?

Moving into 2019, we are confident that we will continue delivering a great product with a unique goal – making the last mile of your sales or hiring process easier, faster and better! So that you’ll double your hit rates, increase throughput, and work even smarter.

Again, thank you and let’s continue making e-contracting easy with Oneflow.

Do you have comments or would like to suggest product features? Stop by our office in downtown Stockholm and have a chat with our Product and Development teams. You can also contact us at