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Service level agreement

Last updated: 31st January 2018

Service Level Agreement โ€“ Oneflow

1 Introduction

1. 1 This Appendix 2 (Service Level Agreement) forms an integral part of the Agreement. Terms used in capitalized letters but not defined herein shall have the meaning set forth in the Terms.

1.2 The obligations under this Appendix 2 (Service Level Agreement) varies depending on which SLA Package you have chosen (Standard, Premium or Premium +).

1.3 Error reporting and support is available via email and phone (depending on your SLA Package as detailed in Table 3 below).

2 Agreed Service Levels 

2.1 Oneflow guarantees the availability of the Service as set out in Table 1. The availability shall be established and calculated per calendar month. The availability is calculated during applicable Support Time and in accordance with the following:

TTM = Total Time Measured

TUT = Total Unavailable Time (pursuant to sections 2.2 โ€“ 2.3)

TT = Total Time

Availability (%) = 100 x ((TTM โ€“ โˆ‘ TUT) / TT)

2.2 TUT is measured from the point of time during Support Time when you report a severity level 1 error to the Service to Oneflowโ€™s support that is caused by circumstance for which Oneflow is responsible and which is not re-classified pursuant to section 2.5 below. If you report the error outside Support Time, unavailable time is measured from the start of the next Support Time window. Unavailable Time is not measured for time outside Support Time.

2.3 An error is considered resolved and the Service considered available when Oneflow has remedied the cause of the error or provided a reasonable workaround and reported this to you.

Oneflow may at any time upgrade and update the Service by launching new releases or performing other maintenance on the Service. The releases may, e.g., refer to functional updates and bug fixes. To the extent such functional updates can be reasonably expected to materially affect the availability of the Service, Oneflow shall to the extent reasonably feasible perform work related to launching releases and perform such maintenance weekdays 12 AM โ€“ 4 AM CET/CEST, whereby Oneflow shall endeavor to inform you at least five (5) days prior to any such new release or update. If the Service is unavailable due to such work or work which has otherwise been agreed upon with you, this shall not be considered Unavailable Time pursuant to this section 2. Nor shall time when Oneflow is waiting for a response from you be considered as Unavailable Time. 

2.4.Table 1 โ€“ Agreed Service Levels

StandardPremiumPremium +
N/A99,7 %99,9 %

2.5 Error reporting is available via email at all hours. You shall when reporting a problem suggest the severity level of the error in accordance with Table 2. Oneflow shall however be entitled to re-classify the error. An error is a deviation from the service description (as available at the Website) and shall be classified in accordance with Table 2 below. Where an error report is submitted outside Support Time, the response time and time to resolve the error/issue is measured from the start of the subsequent Support Time.

2.6 Table 2 โ€“ Response time and severity level classification of errors

Severity LevelSeverity Level DescriptionStandardPremiumPremium +
1Urgent โ€“ Critical production issue affecting all users. Includes system unavailability and data integrity issues where no workaround is available.Four (4) hoursOne (1) hourOne (1) hour
2High โ€“ Major functionality is impacted, significant performance degradation is experienced or functionality is persistently degraded for many users. No reasonable workaround available. Also includes very time sensitive requests.N/ATwo (2) hoursTwo (2) hours
3Medium โ€“ System performance issue or bug affecting some, but not many, users. Also includes time sensitive requests or questions.N/AOne (1) business dayEight (8) hours
4Low โ€“ Inquiries about routine technical issues, information requests on application capabilities, navigation,installation or configuration.N/ATwo (2) business daysOne (1) business day

Response time is the time from when Oneflow receives the error report until troubleshooting and correction shall be initiated. Business day means the nine (9) hours between 8 AM and 5 PM CET/CEST (Monday โ€“ Friday) and do not include public holidays. For Standard SLA, no particular response time is promised. However, Oneflow will correct errors with the urgency the error requires.

2.7 Support via email and phone is available in accordance with Table 3 (โ€œSupport Timeโ€). Oneflowโ€™s support assists with operational and use related support matters.

2.8 Table 3 โ€“ Support Time

StandardPremiumPremium +
Ordinary business days 8 AM โ€“ 5 PM CET/CESTEmail supportEmail and phone supportEmail and phone support
Ordinary business days 7 AM โ€“ 8 AM and 5 PM โ€“ 11 PM CET/CEST (support is only provided for severity level 1 and 2 issues as per Table 2 above)N/AN/AEmail and phone support
Weekends and holidays 7 AM โ€“ 11 PM CET/CEST (support is only provided for severity level 1 and 2 issues as per Table 2 above)N/AN/AEmail and phone support

2.9 Oneflow offers additional services (โ€œAdditional Servicesโ€) depending on your SLA Package. The specific time and place of performance of such services that require human resources for its performance must be agreed with Oneflow and will be provided on an โ€œas availableโ€ basis. A description of the respective Additional Service is available at the Website.

3 Service Credits

3.1 If the availability of the Service falls below the Agreed Service Levels under section 2.1 โ€“ 2.5, your sole and exclusive remedy is to receive service(s) credit on the subscription fee in accordance with Table 5.

3.2 The service credit is based on a percentage of the subscription fee paid by you in relation to the month where the availability drops below the Agreed Service Levels (meaning that if you e.g. pay for the Service on an annual basis, the service credit will be a percentage of your annual fee, divided by twelve). Under no circumstances shall the service credit exceed the proportion of the subscription fee actually paid by you that relates to your use of the Service during the month where the availability drops below the Agreed Service Levels.

3.3 The service credit shall solely be offset upon your written request and against your subsequent payments of fees.

3.4 You shall in order to receive service credit notify Oneflow thereof within 90 days after the month during which the availability of the Service was below the Agreed Service Levels.

3.5 Table 5

AvailabilityService Credit (% of monthly fee)
StandardPremiumPremium +
99,9 % โ€“ 99,71 %N/AN/A10 %
99,7 % โ€“ 99,51 %N/A10 %20 %
99,5 % โ€“ 99,31 %N/A20 %30 %
99,3 % โ€“ 99,11 %N/A20 %40 %
99,1 % โ€“ 98,91 %N/A40 %50 %
98,9 % โ€“ 96,71 %N/A50 %60 %
< 96,7 %N/A100 %100 %

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