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15 Best Customer Experience (CX) Tools in 2024

Is your customer experience driving customer satisfaction? Do your customers keep coming back? In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best customer experience tools to help you improve customer satisfaction, build long-lasting relationships, and drive brand loyalty.

15 best customer experience tools

Nearly 62% of businesses say that the customer experience they offer is below their customers expectations. 

Does this sound like you?

Consider these CX tools to help you drive success.

1. Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud offers a unified platform for customer service management. This allows agents to deliver personalized service experiences across multiple channels, including email, phone, chat, and social media.

Best for: Customer service

Top features:

  • Omnichannel customer engagement
  • Self-service options
  • Live agent support
  • Knowledge base
  • In-app support


  • Starter Suite: $25/month
  • Pro Suite: $80/month
  • Enterprise Edition: $165/month
  • Unlimited Edition: $330/month

2. Qualtrics XM

Qualtrics is a customer experience (CX) management platform that allows businesses to collect, analyze, and act on customer feedback. Gain insights from every step in your customer’s journey and strengthen your bottom line with next-level customer experience tools. 

Best for: Customer experience management

Top features:

  • Integrations with CRM, ERP, and HRIS platforms
  • Customer survey creation and distribution
  • Omnichannel feedback collection
  • Real-time feedback collection
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Data visualization
  • VoC programs


Upon request

3. Zendesk

Zendesk’s customer support platform helps your business manage customer inquiries from various channels. This ensures efficient and personalized support interactions to enhance customer satisfaction.

Best for: Customer support

Top features: 

  • All-in-one lead generation and customer service platform
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Community forums
  • Knowledge base
  • Ticketing system
  • Live chat


  • Suite Team: $55/agent/month
  • Suite Growth: $89/agent/month
  • Suite Professional: $115/agent/month
  • Suite Enterprise: Upon Request

4. Medallia Experience Cloud

Medallia Experience Cloud is a customer experience management platform that combines customer experience tools, including advanced feedback, powerful analytics, and actionable insights, to deliver exceptional experiences across the entire customer journey.

Best for: Customer experience management

Top features:

  • Comprehensive feedback capture
  • Real-time, continuous feedback
  • Single, complete view of data
  • Action-oriented analytics
  • Role-based reporting


Upon Request

5. Intercom

Intercom’s AI-powered customer engagement platform allows your business to engage with customers online. Customers get instant support through an AI agent.

Best for: AI customer service

Top features:

  • Omnichannel support capabilities
  • Customizable live chat widgets
  • AI-powered customer service
  • Integrations with 300+ apps
  • Automated chatbot


  • Essentials: $39/seat/month
  • Advanced: $99/seat/month
  • Expert: $139/seat/month

6. HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub allows you to manage customer inquiries, automate support processes, and deliver exceptional service experiences. Each customer service feature integrates with HubSpot’s CRM.

Best for: Customer service, CRM

Top features:

  • Service level (SLA) management
  • Omnichannel messaging
  • Help desk and ticketing
  • Knowledge base
  • AI-powered chat
  • Call tracking


  • Free: $0/month
  • Starter: $20/seat/month
  • Professional: $100/seat/month
  • Enterprise: $150/seat/month

7. Help Scout

Help Scout simplifies customer service operations with an intuitive interface, collaborative features, and customer experience tools. You can manage customer inquiries through email, live chat, and self-service options.

Best for: Customer support

Top features:

  • Customer service CRM
  • Help desk reporting
  • Real-time reporting
  • In-app messaging
  • Knowledge base
  • Live chat


  • Standard: $20/user/month
  • Plus: $40/user/month
  • Pro: $65/user/month

8. Glassbox

Glassbox is a digital experience analytics platform that gives you real-time insights into user interactions on your digital properties. 

With its advanced analytics tools, you can analyze user behavior, identify friction points, and optimize the digital experience.

Best for: Customer experience analytics 

Top features:

  • Customer journey analytics
  • Glassbox Insights Assistant
  • Struggle and error analysis
  • Interaction and heatmaps
  • Performance analytics
  • Digital recordkeeping
  • Mobile app analytics
  • Voice of the Silent
  • Product analytics
  • Session replay


Upon Request

9. Genesys Cloud

An all-in-one contact center solution, Genesys Cloud empowers you to deliver great customer service across voice, chat, email, and social media channels. 

Its comprehensive array of customer experience tools drives meaningful customer engagement at every touchpoint.

Best for: Contact center

Top features:

  • Workforce engagement management (WEM)
  • Work automation and task routing
  • Customer journey orchestration
  • Co-Browsing and screen share
  • Omnichannel communications
  • Analytics and reporting 
  • Voice services


  • Voice: $75/month
  • Digital: $95/month
  • Voice + Digital: $115/month
  • Digital + WEM: $135/month
  • Digital + WEM + Voice: $155/month

10. LiveAgent

LiveAgent’s software comes with features like live chat, email ticketing, social media integration, and more. As a result, it helps you centralize customer communication channels and streamline customer interactions.

Best for: All-in-one customer service

Top features:

  • Social media integrations
  • Knowledge base
  • Help desk
  • Call center
  • Live chat
  • Ticking


  • Small Business: $9/agent/month
  • Medium Business: $29/agent/month
  • Large Business: $49/agent/month
  • Enterprise: $69/agent/month

11. Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager is a content management system (CMS) that empowers you to create, manage, and deliver personalized digital experiences across multiple channels.

As a result, you can engage with your audience effectively and drive customer satisfaction.

Best for: Content and digital asset management

Top features:

  • Easy integration with third-party analytics or Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • Content management system (CMS)
  • Digital asset management (DAM)
  • Adobe Learning Manager
  • Campaign optimization
  • Personalized content
  • Asset management
  • Content authoring
  • Digital screens
  • Digital guides


Upon Request

12. Freshdesk

Freshdesk’s customer support software offers an AI-driven ticketing system. It helps companies manage customer inquiries efficiently, resolve issues promptly, and build long-term customer relationships.

Best for: Customer service and support

Top features: 

  • Customer success platform
  • Omnichannel suite
  • Contact center
  • Support desk


  • Free: $0/month (up to 19 agents)
  • Growth: $15/agent/month
  • Pro: $49/agent/month
  • Enterprise: $79/agent/month

13. Zoho CRM Plus

Zoho CRM Plus is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) platform. It offers an integrated approach to CRM, combining sales, marketing, and support into a single platform.

Best for: Customer experience, CRM

Top features:

  • Third-party integrations, including Google Suite, Microsoft Office 365, QuickBooks, Mailchimp, and more
  • Automation and process management
  • Omnichannel customer engagement
  • 360-degree customer view
  • Powerful unified analytics
  • Easy team collaboration


  • 30-day free trial
  • $57/month

14. Contentsquare

Contentsquare’s advanced digital experience analytics platform gives you insights into user behavior and interactions on your websites and mobile apps. Its AI-driven technology enables you to understand the digital customer journey and optimize the user experience.

Best for: Customer experience analytics

Top features:

  • Customer journey analysis
  • Digital Happiness Index
  • Revenue opportunities
  • Mobile apps analysis
  • Struggle analysis
  • Session replay
  • AI insights
  • Heatmaps


Upon Request

15. UserPilot

As a user onboarding and product adoption platform, UserPilot enables software companies to improve user engagement and retention by guiding users through their product journey.

This helps drive feature adoption, personalize onboarding experiences, and reduce churn.

Best for: Customer onboarding 

Top features:

  • User engagement and feedback
  • Product adoption
  • Product analytics
  • User onboarding 


  • Starter: $249/month
  • Growth: $749/month
  • Enterprise: Upon Request

Wrapping Up

We hope that this comprehensive list helped you better understand different customer experience platforms and the different purposes they serve.

Some of them offer a more comprehensive, all-in-one solution, while others bring a more granular, targeted approach to CX with specialized customer experience tools.

Consider your business’s unique needs, size, and industry. Then, create the right CX tech stack that helps you manage and optimize every aspect of the customer experience.

Author bio: Britney Steele

Born and raised in Atlanta, Britney is a freelance writer with 5+ years of experience. She has written for a variety of industries, including marketing, technology, business, finance, healthcare, wellness, and fitness. If she’s not spending her time chasing after three little humans and two four-legged friends, you can almost always find her glued to a book or awesome TV series.


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