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Oneflow opens a new office in the UK

oneflow uk

Oneflow opens a new office in the UK

Hot on the heels of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, we’re delighted to announce another significant milestone in UK history… Oneflow’s new London office! Heading up our UK operation is Sebastian Hagerborg, who has over 10 years of sales and management experience in international SaaS companies.

“We’ve always had grand ambitions at Oneflow, including expanding and establishing a local presence across Europe. Naturally, that includes the grand and attractive market of the UK. Personally, to help play a part in getting Oneflow up and running in the UK and introducing them to truly digital contracts is a thrilling challenge. But, it’s only the beginning. Great moments are born from great opportunities, and that’s what we have on our hands with digital contracts in the UK. The future looks bright!” says Sebastian.

There are many local and global e-signature players in the UK. However, the market for digital-contracts, the new generation of electronic signature tool has a huge amount of potential.

Oneflow offers a 100% web-based digital signature tool that enables businesses of all sizes to automate the entire contract process in one place. It is broadly touted as “the new generation of e-signature tool” because – besides the signing itself – it also automates the processes that occur before and after the signing takes place. Providing a smooth and complete contract management experience. Examples of such processes could be, for example, automatic template and document generation, lifecycle management, a GDPR compliant electronic archive, and much more.

But, this is just the beginning of Oneflow’s global expansion plans, so watch this space!

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E-signing is just the beginning. Oneflow offers a 100% web-based digital contract platform, a new generation of electronic signature solution. Enabling you to manage the entire contract process securely in one place. Oneflow’s users range from small businesses to large enterprises, and have experienced higher hit rates, shorter sales cycle, and higher productivity. With Oneflow, doing business is as simple as a handshake. Learn more at

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