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Automate your contracts with Oneflow – all through our HubSpot integration

When it comes to your HubSpot CRM experience, Oneflow makes for a great choice of contract software. It comes with some great integrations, which make for a frictionless customer experience, and even smoother, faster sales.

We’ll take a look at:

  1. The top benefits of Oneflow’s HubSpot integration
  2. So who is Oneflow for?
  3. Westpay: A Oneflow-HubSpot success story
  4. Alva Labs: From friction to flow with our HubSpot integration

The top benefits of Oneflow’s HubSpot integration

Oneflow’s native integration means that you can create and send a contract in just a few clicks. You don’t have to manually upload contracts and continually switch between platforms anymore. In fact, when creating your contracts, our integration can even use the info you already have in your CRM to remove the time you’d otherwise waste on filling in this info again.

Our HTML-based, editable contracts even let you add in offers and product fields – all with one integration. But that’s not all. Oneflow even comes with a nifty signing order functionality. If you have multiple stakeholders, you can set the order in which each person has to sign. Thanks to this feature, you can say goodbye to endless email chains. 

Once you’ve done this, you can send your contract in seconds directly through HubSpot. Handily, you can even track your prospect’s interactions with your proposal, and get live updates on the status of your contract.

So who is Oneflow for?

The answer to this one is simple: Oneflow is for everybody. If you use HubSpot, then you can start using Oneflow right away. Whether you’re at a scale-up or a huge multinational, you can start using Oneflow tomorrow. 

Oneflow even works for all kinds of industries. Whether your company is B2B, B2C, selling property, or fancy dress rabbit costumes, Oneflow can work for you and your business. Our contracts can remove a lot of that tedious admin and, thanks to our integrations, like the one with HubSpot, can help you close deals faster than ever before.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Westpay: A Oneflow–HubSpot success story

Westpay envisions a world with contactless payments. Think PayPal or Klarna, and that’s the space where Westpay sits. As Westpay grew, they found themselves dealing with more and more contract admin. That’s where Oneflow comes in.

Westpay started using Oneflow mostly for HR. But it was such a good fit for them that they’ve expanded it into other areas of their business – and the HubSpot integration has helped with this. As CEO Sten Karlsson says, “We constantly have new items coming into our product portfolio. Sometimes those need to be adjusted in the contracts that we have with clients.” 

Oneflow’s live edit function also assists with this, but the HubSpot integration lets them take it to the next level. By being able to directly forward any edits made to contracts to HubSpot, Westpay is able to avoid a lot of time wasted in updating both contracts and customer cards separately. The integration also helps Westpay reduce the risk of human error, as details only need to be updated once.

Alva Labs: From friction to flow with our HubSpot integration

Alva Labs boasts a unique recruitment tool that helps companies put together a recruitment process that’s truly based on abilities, without unconscious biases. But, like many B2B companies, they found themselves spending a lot of time on contract-related admin. 

That’s where Oneflow’s HubSpot integration comes in. As Tove Hedlund, Customer Success Manager, says, “Oneflow is incredibly easy to use. It’s well-integrated with HubSpot, simplifying adding company and contact details to contracts.”

By simply updating details on their Oneflow contracts, Alva Labs is able to also edit their customer cards and even their pipeline in just a few clicks – just like magic. So when Alva Labs sends out a contract to a prospect, needs to renew a contract, or needs to make some last minute changes, they can be sure that everything will be safely stored in HubSpot.

By using Oneflow, you can add your contracts directly to HubSpot. In no time at all, you can have everything you need synced in one place. And the need to jump between platforms is gone. Try Oneflow today, and get flowing like Westpay and Alva Labs.


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