Contracts are part of their day to day work.

All of them want to stop reinventing the wheel every time they draft a contract.

And all of them want to save time so they can do more of the things they do best.

To draft a contract, typically they would not do it from scratch. Rather they would duplicate an existing contract in Word and make the necessary edits.

Then when they are happy with the draft, they would send it over to their stakeholders for review or for approval.

Once approved, they would then save the contract in PDF before attaching it in an email so that they can send it over to their prospect, candidate or vendor.

After that, maybe they would need to make minor adjustments based on feedback from their counterparts.

So they would open up the contract in the original Word file and make the minor adjustments, and then export it to PDF again before reemailing it.

Sometimes they would ask their counterpart to print, sign and scan before they get the contract back in email.

Even if they use e-signing, they will still get the contract back in email.

Then they save the signed PDF document in a folder designated for all contracts.

All of them use multiple applications during the entire contract process including locally stored folders and emails.

This way of working with contracts is super messy, inefficient and lacks control.

After a while, contracts may be all over the place. No easy way to tell which versions are the latest, who have been involved in the contract process. No easy way to search across all contracts.

Not to mention with GDPR in place, there is no easy way to control who have accessed the data or how the data is used.

And they might even find themselves reinventing the wheel every time a contract needs to be updated with the new GDPR requirements.

Stop reinventing the wheel.

Manage every step of your contract process – from draft to sign to archive – all in one workspace.

That way there is no risk of error.

All data in one place equals to zero data leak.

Learn more about how Oneflow helps you get ready for GDPR here.