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Our intuitive all-in-one platform is designed to automate the contract process for the entire business no matter which team you belong to. Give it a test run.


Build awesome, responsive and secure HTML based contract templates like a pro.

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Make it easy for your counterpart to legally and securely sign from any device.

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Gain instant insight into the performance of all departments on your role-based dashboards.

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Fast track your negotiation process by having everyone involved to collaborate on one platform.

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Get powerful search and lifecycle management for all contracts in one secure e-archive.

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Connect Oneflow to your favorite systems via our API, webhooks, and plug and play integrations.

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Some of the features our users love.

Built in e-signature

Secure, independently verifiable e-signatures.

Single Sign On

No extra login to remember with SSO / Active Directory.

Auto alerts

Get notified of lifecycle events on your contracts before it happens.

Send in bulk

Send contracts in bulk for e-signing.

SMS & ID signing

Multi-factor authentication via SMS or electronic ID.

Online collaboration

Seamless collaboration process with colleagues and signers.

Signing delegation

All parties involved can delegate signing rights.

Advanced search

Search for specific data or value across all contracts.

Contract analytics

Track what happens to your contract after it's sent.

Editing on the fly

Edit your contracts without having to email back and forth.

Teams & entities

Separate contract collection for each team, department or entity.

Content control

Restrict access to specific sections of your contracts.

Data population

Automate contract creation from CRM data.

Signing workflows

Customize your signing workflows for each process.

Categorize with tags

Unlimited tags to organize and categorize your contracts.

Bulk import

Store all your existing contracts in one e-archive.

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Why businesses choose Oneflow.


Your data is safe in our hands. We take proactive measures to ensure your document security, and to comply with GDPR – protecting personal data from disclosure, removal or modification. All contracts processed in Oneflow are encrypted using industry best practices. Our services are hosted on the Amazon AWS platform, the most secure cloud environments in the market.

Scalable to the entire business.

Oneflow is not limited to a specific department within the company, or a function within the contract process, such as e-signing. The same tool used to automate your employment contracts is used to automate your sales proposals and NDAs – from authoring and signing, managing lifecycle, and reporting.

Anytime, anywhere.

Oneflow contracts are fully responsive and are viewed easily on all screens, even on mobile devices. This means you and all parties involved can review, approve, and sign a contract anytime, anywhere – making the entire contract process effortless. There are no barriers to signing. Plus it makes your business look professional and innovative.

Real tangible benefits.

Our customers have experienced a 15x increase in productivity, reducing the total time spent on contracts by 50%. Their total contract cycle time went from 45 to 5 days once Oneflow was implemented. Not to mention increased job satisfaction, happier employees, and most of all, better customer experience.

Digitalization begins here.

Oneflow is all about e-contracts. Contracts contain data that fuels business performance and growth. That’s why we free your data trapped on paper or PDF files, so you can run with it! Use it to digitalize your department, automate tasks and business workflows, and drive decisions. The only limit is your imagination.

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Learn how Oneflow benefits every department in your organization.

Improve your hit rate and shorten the sales cycle. Enjoy a frictionless sales process by making it ridiculously easy for the prospect to sign. No loss of momentum.

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Increase your probability of hiring the right person and simplify the process with Oneflow. Share a digital contract, and the candidate can quickly sign it from any device.

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A fully digital contract process means no more manual punching of data. Get notifications on key events during the contract lifecycle, and make smarter buying decisions.

Go to Procurement

Take no risks by having all contract data securely processed and stored in one application. Control rights and permissions. Stay compliant with GDPR.

Go to IT

Ensure your colleagues always work with the correct version of a template. Access all contracts, communication logs, and audit trails with a few clicks - all in one place.

Go to Legal

Easy access to contract data. It takes no time to match invoices and contracts. And with auto-reminders on key events, you will never miss a deadline.

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