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Create a contract using drag & drop

Simply drag and drop text blocks, images, product and pricing table, and more into your contract template. Once a template is created, you can reuse it over and over again. Control access and share your favorite templates with your team.

drag & drop template

Screen and Video Recording

Before sending a contract add that extra WOW factor. Record your screen with accompanying dialogue to talk your counterpart through your offering, record a video from your device or upload an existing video.

Send the contract to a counterparty

Once the contract is created, add a counterparty and click send. The message template and contact information can be saved in Oneflow so that the details are populated into your contract without manual data entry.


Track and get notified on updates

After the contract is sent, you receive automatic notifications when the contract has been opened, updated, signed, declined, and so on. You know exactly when to follow up. This comes in handy if you have many outgoing contracts.

Negotiate and edit the contract live

There is only one version of your contract in Oneflow, even after it’s sent. During the negotiation process, any edits made to the contract are “live” to all parties involved. No more keeping track of messy contract versions.

e-sign faster with live editing
contract e-sign

E-sign from any device

Oneflow contracts are 100% mobile responsive. This means that your counterparty – be it prospects, customers, candidates, or vendors – can review and e-sign the contract anytime, anywhere.

Save the contract in a secure e-archive

Once the contract is signed, it’s automatically stored in your contract archive. With an elegant search and filter options, searching for a contract is literally as simple as googling for it.

oneflow contract archive
notification lifecycle event

Get notified on lifecycle events

Want to get notified before a contract is automatically renewed? Whether you want to renegotiate or terminate a contract, you get automatic notifications on the contract lifecycle events so you’ll never have to miss a deadline.

Track your KPIs on a 360° dashboard

View all your important contract KPIs at a glance. How many contracts did you send last month? How many of those are signed? What is your sign rate and time to close?

oneflow dashboard
collections in oneflow

Manage and control all contracts

Manage your master templates, multiple teams, departments, projects, or business units from a single platform. Create separate collections with unique access permissions, content, and branding.

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Case studies

Is Oneflow integrated with your favorite system?

Oneflow is natively integrated with the major CRM and HR systems. In addition, many users are using our Public API to integrate with their favorite apps.

What makes our e-signature solution more secure than the rest?

Oneflow offers an independently verifiable electronic signature solution and with each signature, a qualified seal is attached to the signed contract to prevent tampering.

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Some of the features our users love

Built in digital signature

Secure, independently verifiable digital signatures.

Single Sign On

No extra login to remember with SSO / Active Directory.

Auto alerts

Get notified of lifecycle events on your contracts before it happens.

Send in bulk

Send contracts in bulk for e-signing.

SMS & ID signing

Multi-factor authentication via SMS or electronic ID.

Online collaboration

Seamless collaboration process with colleagues and signers.

Signing delegation

All parties involved can delegate signing rights.

Advanced search

Search for specific data or value across all contracts.

Contract analytics

Track what happens to your contract after it's sent.

Editing on the fly

Edit your contracts without having to email back and forth.

Teams & entities

Separate contract collection for each team, department or entity.

Content control

Restrict access to specific sections of your contracts.

Data population

Automate contract creation from CRM data.

Signing workflows

Customize your signing workflows for each process.

Categorize with tags

Unlimited tags to organize and categorize your contracts.

Bulk import

Store all your existing contracts in one e-archive.

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