Zero stop in your contract journey

Oneflow transforms your archaic contract experience into a connected pre-sign, sign, and post-sign digital experience. Draft, send, agree, sign and manage your contracts – all in one flow.

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Begin by creating stunning smart contracts that leave a lasting impression. Smart contracts are responsive, error-free, and most of all, fast!

Create a contract in Oneflow

Use a template

Save time with pre-built contract templates in Oneflow library. Easily customize the templates, create your own, add data from existing systems… or if you must, upload a PDF.

Share a video

Stand out from your competition. Record a video or a screen demo where you go through the contract in Oneflow, or upload your own.

Send in Oneflow

Remove that email friction in your contract journey. Send the contract in Oneflow without going back to your email application.

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‘It’s time to reach an agreement. Oneflow gets you there frictionless with one version of the contract, one place to track all changes… one platform for everyone.

Collaborate with your counterpart directly in Oneflow

Live editing

Flow through the negotiation by making changes to the contract live, even after it’s sent. No need to resend a new contract. And everyone sees the changes in real-time.

Interactive fields

Leave fields and product tables open for the other participants to fill in themselves. If they upgrade, add new items, or if you give a discount, Oneflow will do all the calculations automatically.

Tracking after sent

The good thing about sending a smart contract is that it comes with automatic notifications, so you’ll know exactly when the other party opens, updates, signs or rejects the contract.

Safer than email

Email threads are painful and risky. By commenting directly in Oneflow, all comments and promises are securely saved together with the contract.

Full transparency

No changes will pass you by unnoticed. All changes made throughout the process are saved in the audit trail.

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Make it easy for anyone to sign your contracts with legally binding digital signatures.

Secure e-signing with Oneflow

Signing methods

You can choose to sign your contracts with BankID in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. It is also possible to sign with email and SMS authentication, or regular e-signing with one click.

Secured with a seal

For better security, all Oneflow’s signatures come with a seal. As soon as a contract is signed, it is protected with a qualified electronic seal. This means that the content can not be changed in any way, and you can check the authenticity independently of Oneflow.

Easy to sign from anywhere

70% of all B2B contracts are signed from a mobile device. Smart contracts are built in the language of the web and are therefore fully mobile responsive. Reviewing your contracts can be done from anywhere, which makes it easy to sign with a tap of the finger.

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Do more than simply saving your contracts in an archive. Oneflow helps you stay on top of the contract lifecycle with search and filter features, and automatic reminders of contract events.

Manage your contract's lifecycle in Oneflow

GDPR-safe archive

Get rid of personal data that you’re no longer allowed to save automatically. Establish smart workflows to delete expired and rejected agreements so you’ll never have to worry about violating the GDPR.

Access control

Make sure only the right users have access to what they need. By dividing users into roles and groups with different permissions, you’ll keep your contracts safe in the archive.

Automatic reminders

Get automatic notifications for important contract events, such as when an employment is about to move to a permanent position, or when a project is about to expire.

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Managing the entire contract journey on one platform enables you to uncover incredible insights that help you make smarter decisions for your business.

Real time insights

Real-time insights

On the Oneflow dashboard, you can stay top of individual and team performance in real-time. Get answers to questions like how many proposals do you have out there waiting to be signed? How long does it take for them to be signed? What is the total contract value this month? And more…

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Is Oneflow integrated with your favorite system?

Oneflow is natively integrated with the major CRM and HR systems. In addition, many users are using our Public API to integrate with their favorite apps.

What makes our e-signature solution more secure than the rest?

Oneflow offers an independently verifiable electronic signature solution and with each signature, a qualified seal is attached to the signed contract to prevent tampering.

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