To say we’re excited about this is an understatement. In our mission to automate workflows and speed up the process from offer to sign, our latest partnership with Teamtailor makes it easier than ever to transform candidates into team members!

Oneflow empowers your team to create, send, track, manage and e-sign contracts online. It’s now possible to set up Oneflow through Teamtailor.

The only thing that stands between you and your new hire is a contract. With our integration with Teamtailor, we help you simplify that gap.

Key benefits of Oneflow for Teamtailor integration

This new integration brings you some amazing benefits that will make hiring your next rock star a lot easier.

Personalized offers

Attract top talents by impressing them with professional, modern and interactive offers. Add a personal video greeting to make your future teammate smile, or a screen recording with voice to walk the candidate through your offer.

Track status and plan your next move

Measure a candidate’s interest and likelihood to sign by tracking their interaction with your offering. Track offer status in real-time from send to hire. See when a candidate receives an offering, as well as when and how many times they open an offer. Get instant notifications when a candidate suggests changes or writes comments and of course, when they sign an offer and join your team.

Edit and collaborate the offer on the go

Save time and hassle by letting the candidate add important information, such as bank details, on the go. Simply leave the fields you’d like the candidate to be able to edit open in your Oneflow contract template.

Faster recruitment process

With Oneflow’s e-contracts you speed up the signing process big time. Let the candidate e-sign your offer anytime, on any device.

Auto reminders when the contract is about to start or end

If you want the candidate to sign within a certain time you can put a validity date on the contract. This means that both you and the counterparty get a reminder to ensure the contract gets signed on time.

Secure and accessible e-archive

All contracts with associated personal info are stored in Oneflow’s secure e-archive, accessible from Teamtailor with the click of a button.

How does the integration work?

By adding the newly released Oneflow trigger to a stage in your recruitment process in Teamtailor, you can automatically use and create drafts of contracts you have in Oneflow. You can track the contract signing process directly on the candidate’s profile in Teamtailor.

Let’s say that you have a stage in your recruitment process called “Send contract.” Now, when you move a candidate to a stage, you can add a Oneflow trigger to it.

Under a recruitment process stage, add a Oneflow Trigger here:

Click on the “+” button to add a trigger to a specific stage.

Click on “Send Contract – Oneflow.”

Select the contract template that you want to use for this specific job, whether you require your recruiter to sign the contract, and if you want to automatically move the candidate forward to a stage once the contract is signed.

Press “Add trigger” to activate the Oneflow trigger.

There you have it! Now, every time you move a candidate to this stage, a draft of the contract you’ve selected for that trigger will automatically be created in Oneflow.

Once this draft is created in Oneflow, you can go in and edit the contract details before sending it off. We automate the extra steps in between so that you can spend time on the important parts!

Keep track of the contract status in Teamtailor

You can also keep track of the status of the contract on the candidate’s profile. There are four statuses:

  1. Sent: This means a draft has been created in Oneflow
  2. Pending: This means a contract has been sent to a candidate from Oneflow
  3. Completed: The contract is signed
  4. Failed: The contract failed to be created in Oneflow.

Our latest integration with Teamtailor will help you sync your work up right until the last step before your candidate becomes your teammate. It creates faster communication between you and the candidate and keeps you up to date on the status of the contract, all in one place.

Don’t have an account at Teamtailor and/or Oneflow?

If you’ve got Oneflow and would like a demo of Teamtailor, book a demo here.

Or, if you’ve got Teamtailor and want a demo of Oneflow, book one here.

We’re excited and hope you are too! Let us know if you have any questions.

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