If you find your dream applicant, strike while the iron is hot! With the new Oneflow for Jobylon integration, you can do exactly that by speeding up the contract process and have your applicant signed within seconds. In other words, great news in the increasingly competitive world of hiring top talent!

Benefits of the Oneflow for Jobylon integration

This new integration allows you to streamline the hiring process with the help of e-contracts. Let us take you through some of the amazing benefits which will make your hiring easier than ever before.

Allow your applicant to sign from any device

Simplify and speed up your recruitment process by going completely digital. Send your offers for e-signing and let your applicants sign from any device, whenever it suits them. This reduces a lot of admin work which gives you more time for the fun stuff.

Enhance the candidate experience

Win your candidate’s heart by impressing them with responsive and interactive offers. Let them fill in their personal details, such as bank info, on the go and become a teammate with the click of a button. You can also attach a personalized video greeting for a solid home run!

oneflow for jobylon release

Track your applicant’s interest

Get notifications when your applicant receives the offer and see how many times they open and view it. Use this information to plan the perfect follow-up with your dream applicant and predict their likelihood to sign. Get instant notifications when your applicant suggests changes, writes a comment, and of course when they sign!

Never miss a deadline with auto reminders

Do you want the applicant to sign within a certain time? Then you can set a validity date on the contract. You and your counterparty get a reminder to make sure that the contract gets signed on time. You also get notifications when contracts are about to expire.

How the integration works

Streamlining your hiring process is only a few clicks away. To activate the Jobylon integration in Oneflow, go to Account → Extensions → Enable extension.

enable jobylon extension in oneflow

When you have enabled the extension, you will see the API token. This API token needs to be sent to Jobylon support, support@jobylon.com. They will update it in their system and activate your integration.

How to create templates

Create templates in Oneflow that you would like to use in Jobylon. Specify template group as “Jobylon Template” and click Save.

jobylon template group in oneflow

Once you have your template group set, you can create data fields for the information that should be automatically pushed over from Jobylon to your Oneflow contract.

Click to edit your form field, click on “data field” and a list of the available fields will show. Choose the appropriate one and Save.

edit form field in oneflow

The field connected to a data field will be marked by a symbol.

oneflow data field

You can of course also add a data field to scrolling text. To do so, simply highlight the text you wish to connect and click on the black data field tag in the editor. The list of available data fields will show, choose the appropriate one.

oneflow data field in text editor

Once the integration is activated by the Jobylon team, you can start using the integration!

Not a Jobylon or Oneflow user yet?

No problem! If you’ve already got Oneflow and would like a demo of Jobylon, book one here. Or if you’ve got Jobylon and would like to see how Oneflow can simplify your hiring process, book a demo here.

We hope you will like this integration as much as we do! Let us know if you have any questions.

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