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Fighting a recession? Here’s 7 great ways digital contracts help your sales team close deals faster

When fighting a recession, there are different strategies you can use to combat the full effects of them. What usually comes in tandem with those strategies is having the right tools at your disposal to help you execute those strategies. As sometimes you can have the best ideas and strategies, but if you don’t have the right people or tools to implement them, it counts for nothing. One of those tools to help you fight a recession and close deals faster are digital contracts.

Digital contracts can significantly help your sales team close deals faster in several ways when fighting a recession:

1. Speed and Efficiency:

When fighting a recession, speed and efficiency become extra important. Digital contracts eliminate the need for manual paperwork and physical signatures. Instead, contracts can be created, reviewed, and signed electronically, saving valuable time in the sales process. Salespeople can quickly generate contracts using templates and send them to prospects instantly, reducing delays and accelerating the deal closure timeline.

Fighting a recession

2. Fighting a recession: Seamless Collaboration with digital contracts  

With digital contracts, multiple stakeholders, both within the sales team and the customer’s organization, can collaborate and review the contract simultaneously. This collaborative approach streamlines the negotiation process, as parties can provide feedback, suggest changes, and address concerns in real-time. It eliminates the need for back-and-forth communication, leading to faster resolution and agreement.

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3. Real-time Notifications and Reminders: 

Digital contract platforms often provide automated notifications and reminders to both the salesperson and the customer. These alerts ensure that no important deadlines are missed, such as contract expiration or required approvals. Salespeople can proactively follow up and keep the deal moving forward, minimizing delays and increasing the likelihood of timely closure.

4. Enhanced Accuracy and Compliance: 

Digital contracts help ensure accuracy and compliance with legal requirements. Built-in validation checks can identify missing information or errors before the contract is finalized. This reduces the risk of mistakes that may cause delays or lead to contract disputes later on. Additionally, digital contracts can be integrated with compliance systems to enforce regulatory requirements, making it easier for sales teams to adhere to guidelines and avoid unnecessary delays.

5. Improved Document Management with digital contracts:

Digital contract platforms provide centralized storage and easy access to contract documents. Salespeople can quickly retrieve any contract, review its status, and track its progress. This accessibility improves efficiency, eliminates the need for manual filing and searching, and enables salespeople to focus on nurturing customer relationships and closing deals. All of those traits are crucial when fighting a recession and ensuring that targets are hit, and the numbers don’t fall too low.

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6. Analytics and Insights: 

Many digital contract platforms offer embedded analytics capabilities that provide valuable insights into the contract process. Sales teams can track contract performance metrics, such as time-to-close, win rates, and common bottlenecks. These insights help identify areas for improvement, optimize the sales process, and enable salespeople to make data-driven decisions to close deals faster and help companies succeed when fighting a recession.

7. Strong integrations:

  • Sales teams don’t have to leave the platforms that they’re most comfortable with and work with on a daily basis. They can just send and sign a contract from their Salesforce, HubSpot or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. As when you’re fighting a recession in sales, as noted above, you need to have the right tools available to you to get the job done.

Overall, digital contracts empower your sales team to streamline the contract lifecycle, minimize administrative tasks, and focus on building relationships and closing deals. By leveraging the speed, efficiency, collaboration, accuracy, and analytics offered by digital contract platforms, sales teams can expedite the deal closure process, leading to increased productivity, higher customer satisfaction, and improved sales outcomes when fighting a recession.


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