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Mobile or desktop signatures?

Contracts are a living document. Ones that can be signed anywhere. Viewed on almost any device with a screen (your mileage may vary here). But as a digital contract management company, we’re interested in the nitty-gritty details of contracts. 

We want to know who signs what and also how are they signing their contracts. Remember when people were introduced to the laptop and it brought a whole new way of working with computers? That’s what digital contracts and electronic signatures have done to contracts. 

People can sign anywhere and on the go. But old habits and ways of working die hard.

We looked at the data on a country-by-country basis, to see what devices people sign on most. And it’s an interesting breakdown that confirms and dispels, some popular thinking!

Sweden tops the mobile list

Sweden is seen as a country where digital literacy is high. And is a cashless society, so seeing the data say that they sign more on mobile phones than on desktops seems to be in line with those other traits!

Denmark’s 2nd lowest?

The biggest surprise we found from our data set is that Denmark has a 27% mobile signing rate. It’s possible that it might be because in Copenhagen there are more bikes than people, and 62% of Danes cycle to work. Just a hypothesis but maybe it’s hard to sign on a phone while they’re cycling, so they sign on their laptop at the office or home instead… 

Mobile signatures aren’t the norm….yet!

From what we have seen, the majority of signatures are coming from desktops, tablets or computers. Which, to be fair, makes sense when you consider the gravity of signing a contract and all the moving parts that come to a close when an agreement is signed. The process of signing a digital contract is easy and anyone who knows how to set a reminder on an iPhone can do it. However, people are aware of the gravity of the action and are still cautious about doing it on the phone.

That being said, the wind is blowing behind the sails of more countries and users signing important documents on their mobile devices. As long as the contract can be signed on a phone, we expect more people around the world to sign on their mobile devices. 

This chart below is subject to change!

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