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At an early stage, Ants, the IT recruitment company, saw a huge need for talent in programming and development. Over the past six years, the company has grown 30% per year and has been able to deliver expertise to Tobii, ATG and PWC, among others. In order to offer as smooth a contractual process as possible, both for its employees and customers, Ants chose Oneflow as an e-signing system. Less time spent on follow-up work is just one of the benefits, says Hugo Leichsenring, CEO and founder of Ants.

It wasn’t that long ago that Ants sat with papers and binders and frantically tried to keep track of all agreements. It was a constant struggle to keep up-to-date on what was current and outdated, what should be saved, and where everything should be kept. It was a lot of work they would rather skip. But when Oneflow came into the picture, their work process was simplified altogether, Hugo says.

"The absolute greatest results with Oneflow are apparent in our time saved and reduced hassle."

Audit history and comments in one place

Today Ants sends all employment and customer contracts through Oneflow and really benefits from the full capacity of the system. Using the comment function to communicate directly in the agreement is something that Hugo feels to be particularly beneficial. He also really appreciates that all additions and adjustments to the agreement are collected digitally in one place and are accessible to everyone involved.

“We handle all contract management and dialogue in Oneflow, so that all changes and comments are digital when the delivery begins. Then everyone can have access to what was decided and see what deviations were made. "

Big difference with Oneflow

Contract management, especially for customer agreements, has a tendency to become a prolonged process as the human factor often causes them to get stuck somewhere along the way. Hugo says that they have now made it very easy for themselves with the help of Oneflow, and the difference from then to now is striking.

"We have simplified our processes considerably so we do not have to go out chasing an agreement. Now it happens naturally and resolves itself during the startup."

Thanks to Oneflow’s features, Ants has been able to minimize the time it takes to follow up on customer meetings and get quotes. Hugo describes the journey as much easier today than the days of making attachments and sending emails.

“Today, reminder management happens automatically. Oneflow is like a CRM system that supports me in my everyday work life and allows me to devote my time to what I really want to do.”

An easy e-signing system

When it was time for Ants to implement an e-signing system, easy of use was at the top of the requirements list. The system should not take over but just be there and do the job, quickly and well. With Oneflow, the system was a low threshold experience to go into every time, which Hugo thinks facilitates everyday work life very much. He also appreciates that Oneflow can be used on mobile devices so he can make quick adjustments and send off contracts while on his way to his next customer meeting.

“The main advantage of Oneflow is that it is simple. Now we have a system where monitoring is done automatically - you can set when quotes and reminders expire. Now, the customer contacts us and we do not have to do heavy follow-up work. So I see no reason why one wouldn’t choose to use Oneflow.”

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Hugo Leichsenring

Founder and CEO of Ants

Age: 42

Lives: Stockholm

Family: wife Catrin and children Kalle and Milla

Most proud of: My children

Future goals: Continue to be an entrepreneur in a long-term and sustainable way

Revenue: Close to 48 MSEK 2019

Profit margin: 14% last year

Number of employees: 60