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With just over a hundred locations throughout Sweden, Hedin Bil is a well-known car dealer to the vast majority. They practically set Sweden in motion by acting as dealers and agents for major car brands, and have around 3,300 employees throughout the Group. Thanks to Oneflow, the HR department has been able to streamline the management of all these agreements, and they both save several hours a week and gain total control over their contracts in a GDPR-safe system!

The Problem

For Elin Skoglund and Eva Ekström, HR Business Partners at Hedin Bil, a large part of the challenge in their work is being proactive and always looking ahead. And since the company has grown a lot in a short time, it has been challenging to get all the routines and processes in place. Previously, all agreements in the business were signed by hand, which eventually became unsustainable. Misunderstandings were common, the agreements differed very much from each other, some agreements were written incorrectly and above all their workflow did not align with GDPR. Eva also mentions that the administration of just over 3000 employees, all with more than one agreement, was a real time killer.

"Establishing, issuing and managing agreements for the huge number of people who are with us ate up a terribly large part of my time. I lost much of the control over the contract process as soon as I released an agreement by mail or email. Will it reach the right person?"

The Solution

In order not to drown in contract management, Hedin Bil was really in need of a simple and flexible system that could automate certain parts of the process. Oneflow ticked off all items on the checklist:

  • User-friendly
  • Automated contract templates
  • Support for contract collections
  • Possibility to set up rules, for example to automatically delete a contract

Eva and Elin’s team, got started immediately, without any problems, and gradually expanded their use. Today, they use Oneflow for employment contracts, attachments, protocols and really everything that requires a signature. Eva is pleasantly surprised at how smoothly everything has gone, from implementation to seeing results. Smooth is the perfect word to sum up Hedin Bil’s experience with Oneflow, and that’s not just the case for HR. The payroll office also gets to reap the benefits because they receive a notice every time an employment contract is signed.

“The fact that Oneflow is 100% digital makes it so simple and flexible. If I want to add an extra signatory I can do it with the push of a button. And if I want to change the start date, I fix it and re-sign it.”

The Results

Oneflow has undoubtedly saved a great deal of time for Elin and Eva in their daily work. Any errors or omissions in the agreements go so much faster to rectify with just a few keystrokes, so they can instead focus on the right things. Elin and Eva can also see what stage an agreement is in and be more active if any party delays signing. It has been clear from day one that Oneflow is an important tool for getting control and overview of our contract process, says Elin.

"Oneflow works as a database where I can easily search through all of a person's historical agreements and see who has established them and who has signed them. And the agreements can't get lost or misplaced either. From a GDPR perspective, Oneflow is very good because it is a closed system."

Elin and Eva estimate that they save several hours a week with Oneflow, and mention that internal agreements can be signed and finalized within five minutes. So, would they recommend Oneflow to others?

"Yes, no doubt! Oneflow is incredibly appreciated by both managers and employees."


Elin Skoglund and Eva Ekström

HR Business Partners at Hedin Bil

Revenue: 24.5 billion SEK over the whole Group

Number of Employees: around 3 300

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