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Oneflow streamlines contract management and enhances recruitment and sales processes.

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Trustmary, a leading provider of recommendation processes, optimizes its recruitment and sales operations.

Trustmary chose Oneflow’s contract management platform when it sought to replace multiple separate systems with a unified contract management process.

When Oneflow was integrated with Teamtailor for recruitment, Pipedrive for customer relationship management (CRM), and Google Workspace for board and general meetings, Trustmary experienced a significant transformation in its contract processes.

Oneflow’s integration with Teamtailor

Oneflow’s integration with Teamtailor streamlines recruitment processes. Previously, when creating employee contracts, Trustmary had to send messages to candidates to collect information. Often, errors occurred during data collection, requiring corrections and the creation of entirely new contracts.

With Oneflow, candidates can fill in their own information directly on the contracts, which creates a sense of reliability and eliminates the need to send sensitive personal information via email. Oneflow’s GDPR-compliant workflows ensure compliance and enhance the overall professionalism of the recruitment process.

Pipedrive for Sales

In addition to improving recruitment processes, Oneflow proved to be a valuable asset for the sales team as well. The platform offers the ability to restrict salespeople from making unauthorized changes to contracts, ensuring consistency and accuracy in sales agreements.

Trustmary noticed that reviewing contracts in Oneflow encourages their team to utilize tools more effectively, optimizing the entire sales process. Previously, different tools managed various stages of the contract lifecycle.

Oneflow seamlessly integrates with Pipedrive, allowing salespeople to immediately see when contracts are created or deals are made. This integration became an essential part of their daily workflow, enabling faster and data-driven decision-making.

Oneflow – simple and easy contracts

Oneflow’s versatile features provide tangible benefits to Trustmary. Centralizing all contracts in one place eliminated the need to manage various systems, saving the team time and effort.

This allowed everyone to have a clear view of signed documents and valuable insights, enabling them to make better-informed decisions based on contract data.

The before and after picture is one that is painted pretty clearly by those at Trustmary. If you want to work more efficiently inside your CRM or TAS, with Oneflow, you can start immediately here.

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