kine christian oneflow

We had the pleasure of hosting our newest additions to the Oslo office for a few days here in Stockholm. We can’t wait to show them off to the world!

Here is Kine:

Kine is from a town called Fredrikstad, but has lived in Oslo for the last 9 years. She built her expertise in B2B sales and has worked with a mobile payment solution company, a digital prospecting tool company and a digital marketing company.

She is really looking forward to getting started with sales at Oneflow’s Norwegian Branch and helping us expand our reach.

“I’m excited about being a part of building the new Norwegian office, and to see it grow and expand.”

Kine is really active and loves being outdoors. When she isn’t killing it in the sales office, you can find her skiing, hiking or cycling. She particularly loves being in the mountains or on her boat. She also has a big passion for travel and dreams of visiting Mali one day because of its rich culture and amazing landscape.

Kine’s best Lifehack: Google has the answer to everything. Great advice Kine, thanks!

Say hello to Christian:

He grew up just south of Oslo and has a very interesting career behind him!
Before Oneflow he worked as a real estate agent and later as a sales manager in a car sharing company.

At Oneflow, he will work as an account executive. He can’t wait to help Oneflow take Norway by storm!

“I cannot wait to help build the Oslo office to a national success!”

When he isn’t busy closing deals for Oneflow, he enjoys scuba diving, cooking shows, and watching videos on Youtube. But what he loves the most is spending time with his baby girl.

When he gets the chance, he loves wiping the floor with his friends in Trivia and is very competitive! We can’t wait until he visits us here in Stockholm again so we get the chance to test his skills.

Christian’s best life hack is: “Don’t grocery shop on an empty stomach!” Truer words have never been spoken. Thanks Christian!