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Product Updates

Upcoming internal approval flows

We’re excited to share our upcoming approval flows for business and enterprise users! Ensure accuracy and compliance every step of the way. Save time, mitigate risk, and stay compliant.

Why you should care

Save time with smooth processes 

Keep collaboration and communication efficient and in one place. No more reaching out to your approvers through other sources, or struggling to keep track of if the contract has been approved or not. 

Mitigate risk and stay compliant 

Ensure that all contracts being sent by your company are approved and tracked. This saves you from having un-approved contracts signed, or not finding proof of the approval if issues around the contract arise. 

Invisible to the counterparty

Keep the approval process discrete from your counterparty as to not arouse concerns by bringing other stakeholders into the negotiation. 


  1. Add internal approvers – Add colleagues and set their role as an internal approver. The approver can edit the contract, leave comments, and get all notifications related to the progress of the contract.
  2. Set an approval order – Select in which order the approvers receive the contract and get the option to approve it. This helps comply with certain internal requirements, like a contract being approved by legal before it can go to the person’s manager. 
  3. Lock approvals to a template – Ensure that all of your teams comply with your internal requirements by locking approval flows at the template level. 
  4. Automatic sending after approved – You can decide to have the contract sent for signature automatically after its approved to streamline and speed up the process. This automation is optional in case you do want to manually send it after the approval has gone through. 
  5. Email notification – Approvers will get an email when the contract is sent out for approval, and senders will have an option to add a message giving more context about the contract. 

Internal approval flows represent a leap forward, empowering companies to navigate complex approval processes with ease, confidence, and efficiency.

Reach out to your Oneflow representative for more information or to learn how to upgrade to Business or Enterprise tier to try out this capability when it is released. 


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