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Startups Special

Hey everyone,

For this edition of the newsletter, we’re shining the spotlight on SaaS startups!

Beginnings are never easy, and according to Jason Lemkin, they don’t get any easier. However, they do get better! Oneflow 🩷 Startups and as a testament to our love, Oneflow has started to put together a network of recently launched B2B SaaS startups that are seeking their first clients in 2024. Additionally, some of these startups are offering discounts to our readers!


PS: Let us know if you’d like to add your new startups in the community.

Oneflow 🩷Startups Program

Every krona (or cent or penny) counts during the early days and it can be hard to justify spending money on premium tools to improve your operations. But using free or cheap tools to sign contracts might turn out to cost more in the long run.

With our Startup Program, you can get a high-quality contract tool, all without the burden of a premium price tag. All startups established less than 5 years ago are eligible to claim the startup offer here.

Creating and signing contracts using free tools available on the Internet might put your business at risk.

Plus this is what a premium contract tool can do that a free one can’t:

* Create contracts from a library of templates
* Edit in real time without resending the contract
* Get full control over who accesses which contracts
* Ensure secure e-signing with eID, SMS, or with one-click
* Sign and store all types of documents in one place to keep your data safe and compliant to the GDPR.

Interested? Claim the offer here.

*Startups established no more than 5 years ago are eligible for 50% off full price during the first year. Applicable to new customers who purchase a paid plan via self-service in Oneflow only. This offer is only valid until 30 April 2024 and will not apply retrospectively.

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