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Turning chaos into control by connecting the entire contract workflow with Upsales CRM

PrimeQ, a high growth IT service provider based in Sweden, provides a huge range of tailor-made services within IT, finance, telephony and business systems.

We met Claes Völcker, CEO of PrimeQ to talk about what their journey with digital contract management has looked like. Because PrimeQ has different business areas, it has meant some departments differ in digital maturity. Specifically, the finance and sales departments, which fell behind other parts of the company.

“Before bringing in Oneflow, we worked in a traditional way with paper and binders. This meant everything ended up in different places and we couldn’t keep track of the latest version of an agreement. Things were pretty messy. And we wanted to control it.”

Immediately more effective

Today, PrimeQ is familiar with Oneflow as a tool, but it was really a trial by fire. Claes says that the first thing they did was to create and send over 300 GDPR agreements in Oneflow and within just 14 days they had received 90% of them back.

“We really tested the system on all levels at the same time and it was really impressive. It feels very professional and we would never have passed the GDPR compliance on time if we had done it manually.”

The entire customer view in Upsales CRM

After more than a year of using Oneflow, PrimeQ has experienced a number of positive effects. Lead times have become considerably shorter as they skip drawn out contract returns. Now, they can easily correct mistakes with formulations and tasks, and don’t have to wait as long to get the contract signed. Claes also mentions that they have got a better look at all agreements with searchable agreement archives. And thanks to Oneflow’s smooth integration with Upsales, the entire workflow has become more streamlined.

“Oneflow has solved a lot of practical issues. Now we have a searchable database structure that is divided into the different business areas. Additionally, we have linked everything to Upsales CRM. This means that we get the whole customer picture in our CRM and can easily see the flow of signed agreements for each customer.”

Turning chaos into control

Claes Völcker

CEO of PrimeQ

image of Claes Völcker who works at PrimeQ and

Unique features in Oneflow were a dealbreaker

Although PrimeQ was in a hurry to get an e-signing platform in place before the GDPR, they still took the time to scout the market properly. The choice ended with Oneflow which they don’t regret for a second. Claes lists all the benefits of Oneflow, but especially emphasizes the ease of use and the commenting feature.

“Just yesterday, we signed an agreement we had been working on for a while, and the customer discovered a section with incorrect wording and commented on it in the agreement. So instead of sending a whole new round of contracts which would have taken two more days, we were done in an hour.”

He also points out the ability to sort agreement types into workspaces, and restricting or assigning qualifications, as a clear advantage of Oneflow.

“I could choose many other e-signing tools integrated with Upsales. But many don’t have separate Workspaces, where we create and manage different types of contracts — sales, management, HR — and can control permissions between the different business areas. This was important to us,” concludes Claes.

Oneflow + Upsales

Upgrade Upsales CRM with digital contracts that feel like magic





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