Why your sales reps will love Oneflow

CRM tools entered the market in the 90’s and disrupted the way salespeople worked. Since then, the sales community hasn’t seen any new big technological breakthroughs improving the effectiveness and efficiency – until now. We believe that Oneflow represents the next disruption among sales tools and methodology. This is your opportunity to get a competitive edge and increase your market shares.


Oneflow is a compliment, not a substitute, to CRM and can be used with or without CRM integrations.

The number of contracts your company sign per month is not relevant. Oneflow is for all kind of companies, no matter the contract volume. Bottom line, Oneflow is about increasing the probability of closing each individual deal.

Better hit-rate and shorter sales cycle

When you have reached a point of interest from a potential buyer, it is important to close the deal fast. Sales are about momentum. The probability of closing decrease rapidly with time, and your competitors may be knocking on the same door. With Oneflow you make it easy for the buyer to sign, it is just one click from any device.

Better customer insights

Is your prospect ready to buy? With Oneflow you can see if your prospect has opened the offer, when it was opened and how many times. This is useful information for knowing the perfect timing for a follow-up. You will save time and work more efficiently, and you will be better prepared before the call. You can also wake up a cold process before it dies. This is a great feature for the buyer too, since your follow-up will be more relevant and qualified. Win-win for both parties.

Image is everything

A modern image gives the impression of a market leader. Asking your prospect to print, sign, scan and mail or post the contract, gives an old-fashioned image. Everything you do says something about your company. Oneflow makes your business look more professional.

Easy interaction will boost the process

With Oneflow the customer can leave comments directly in the contract. You can make changes to the contract that will be updated in real time, without having to leave the application. This eliminates the time-consuming and messy process of sending mails back and forth, and you will get all correspondence and edits stored together with the contract.

Save time with delegation and e-signing

Is there anyone else that needs to sign the contract or be involved? With Oneflow it is easy to set up workflows and delegate the signing rights while saving everyone’s time.

Easy access to all offers and contracts

Has one of your colleagues given an offer to a certain company before? It might be extremely valuable for you to access this offer and read its communication log before sending a new offer to the same company. Oneflow keeps all contracts and offers securely archived and easily accessible.

See how Oneflow works for other roles


A fully digital contract process means no more punching data manually. Get notifications on key events in the contracts, and make smarter buying decision with Oneflow.

Human resources

Increase your probability of hiring the right person and simplify the process with Oneflow. Share a digital contract, and the candidate can quickly sign it from any device.


With Oneflow you can import all data in a contract directly into your accounting system, giving you total financial control.


With Oneflow your colleagues always work with the correct version of a template, and you can access all contracts, communication logs and audit trails with just a click.