Bisfront uses Oneflow to accelerate sales and close more deals.

Fredrik Ericson, CEO & Co-founder of Bisfront, an innovative consulting company helping businesses to grow through sales, marketing and recruiting, talks about how they use Oneflow as not only a contract management tool, but also a tool to accelerate the sales process and close more deals.

The switch to Oneflow from another e-signature solution.

It was in 2009 when Bisfront started using e-signing as part of their sales process. The PDF-based solution had many limitations, in particular, when the sent document needed to be adjusted during the negotiation process.

With the old solution, the salesperson had to go back to its original Word document to make the changes, export it to a PDF, and then re-upload it to the e-signing tool. The newly revised document was not connected to the originally uploaded document that was sent to the client, which meant that they would lose track of any communication that had taken place before the revision took place. This was also very time-consuming, especially for minor edits.

The #1 reason why Bisfront decided to switch to Oneflow in 2017:
Oneflow enables us to edit our document live when negotiating with our clients. We can literally make any price change, add a comma, while we are on the phone with our clients. This speeds up the sales process dramatically and allows us to close deals much faster than the old solution ever could. Oneflow is also seamlessly integrated with our CRM system.

How does Oneflow help sales to become more successful?

According to Fredrik, a successful salesperson possesses these two distinct qualities:

He or she does not fear defeats.
Defeats and losses are inevitable, in fact, it is the day-to-day of a salesperson, and they will only make him or her stronger as a salesperson.

He or she is disciplined and organized.
This is where Oneflow plays its part as an enabler. Oneflow acts as the sales tool that helps salespeople to become more disciplined and organized in a couple of ways. For example:

  • It gives sales the overview of all contracts and their statuses at any given point in time.
  • It helps sales to prioritize when it’s time to follow up with the existing prospects currently in negotiation.
  • It automatically sends reminders and notifications to stakeholders whenever there is an activity in the sales workflow.

Using Oneflow to its full potential.

Bisfront is way ahead of its competition on its journey to become a “paperless office”. When Bisfront switched to Oneflow, they did not start from scratch. They immediately saw the huge benefits of having all contracts – new and existing ones – in one place.

There is no doubt in their mind that they would import all of their existing contracts into Oneflow. This gives them full control over their contracts, ability to make decisions based on real data, and always stay one step ahead of the competition.

Got a Oneflow story to tell?

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