Time spent on administrative tasks can now be spent on selling.

Mattias Johnson works as the Key Account Manager at Sweco, one of the largest engineering consultancy companies in Europe.

One day, when Mattias received a link to an online proposal from a vendor who used Oneflow, he thought:

“Wow! Is it really that easy to place an order?”

That was when he knew.

Oneflow was what they needed.

The top three reasons why Sweco chooses Oneflow.

Sweco evaluated a number of vendors and decided to go with Oneflow because:

  • It gives him the momentum he needed in the sales process. Mattias wants a smooth process that doesn’t kill the sales momentum from start to finish in proposal handling. This includes creating the proposal, customizing the proposal according to different customer needs, editing the proposal during the negotiation process, and ultimately, getting the proposal signed.
  • It significantly reduces the time he spends on administrative tasks. As a sales executive, Mattias wants to spend as much as time as possible in selling, not doing administrative work. Oneflow saves time by doing the work salespeople loathe. Period.
  • It has an intuitive user interface with the ability for his clients to edit directly in the application. Clients can adjust the proposal directly in the application. Previously, Mattias had to go back to the original Word file to make the required adjustment before exporting to the PDF and then send the updated proposal by email. That was a very time-consuming process and errors were inevitable.

One of the things that Mattias like the best about Oneflow is the Oneflow team.

I can be quite demanding as a customer. I have many ideas and suggestions that I share with the Oneflow team. They are always willing to listen and have even implemented new improvements based on the feedback I gave them.

Oneflow’s pretty awesome.