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Turning contracts around 10x faster

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For a tech company like Kundo, which builds easy and smart customer service tools, implementing a digitalized recruitment process was a given.

With Oneflow, they achieved a faster and smarter process, while creating a great experience for their candidates.

Turning contracts around 10x faster

Jonatan Larsson

Co-founder and Head of People at Kundo

Contracts vanished without a trace

There was a time when Jonatan Larsson, co-founder and Head of People at Kundo, and his team managed all employment contracts manually. There were signatures on paper. A manager and candidate would meet up to sign in person, or the team would send the contract by post and hope for the best. In the end, it became far too time-consuming and an uncertain process with too many risks involved. When two consecutive employment contracts disappeared in the mail, it was the last straw — Jonatan and his team needed a new system.

Digital contracts in sales and now in HR too

With so many choices in the market, Kundo wanted to be sure that they made the right choice. The results that would be achieved with the new platform were a faster signing process and ability to track interactions with the contract after sent.

Kundo is no stranger to Oneflow. The sales team were already using Oneflow and the benefits were clear. That made it easy for the HR team to make the decision and start implementing Oneflow immediately.

“We were up and running the same day we decided to choose Oneflow,” said Jonatan.

Jonathan Larsson, Kundo

Powerful template management for faster workflow

One of the reasons Kundo chose Oneflow for managing recruitment contracts was the template feature. Jonatan described it as both powerful and easy to use at the same time.

“With Oneflow, it is very easy to create contracts and templates. Instead of uploading a PDF for signing, we create the contract on the same platform as we sign. Plus having the contract templates in Oneflow makes it very easy to create multiple contracts in one click.”

Creating several similar agreements but with different counterparts was exactly what Jonatan had to test properly. When it was time for the company to move to a collective agreement, all colleagues were required to sign new employment contracts, which meant some administration.

“We needed to set up many contracts that were very similar but with different counterparties. With Oneflow, this was a relief. It went so fast and smooth,” said Jonatan.

Oneflow now at the core of the business

From starting as a sales tool to becoming an important part of the hiring process, Oneflow is now used at all levels of the organization.

“Oneflow’s at the core of our business. We use it when we need to set up a contract by default,” Jonatan said. He started listing all types of contracts in question:

  • Customer Agreements
  • Employment Contracts
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Partner Agreements
  • Consultation Agreements
  • Protocol

Read more on how you get the most out of Oneflow.

An amazing experience for all

With simpler and faster communication around contracts, thanks to the comments feature and the insight around what happens to the sent contract, Kundo has become much more efficient in the entire contract journey.

“Oneflow provides an amazing experience in the final stage of the recruitment process, both for our new colleagues and for us oldies at the company,” said Jonatan. “I definitely recommend Oneflow!”

Product visual- e-sign Product visual- e-sign

Get in the flow

Create, track and sign contracts free for the rest of your life. No trickery.

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