Middlepoint cuts down lead times immensely with Oneflow.


less time on contract management per week


quicker time to sign for customer agreements


Is it possible to cut down contract admin time by 80-90% every week? Middlepoint didn’t think so, until they started using Oneflow. For Middlepoint, a facility service company with a high service level, who sends around 200 employment contracts every year, time is money.

Bringing contract management back to the future

For Pontus Esbo, CEO of Middlepoint, optimizing the way Middlepoint manages contracts was essential. Historically, Middlepoint managed all contracts with paper and pen. Middlepoint aids in recruitment to three major sectors: property, business and large shopping centers. Since they send out a huge number of recruitment contracts every year, they were spending exorbitant amounts of time on admin. For each contract, Middlepoint employees would have to book meetings to get the contracts signed, and print and file everything in binders. Pontus and Middlepoint started researching tools to help them optimize. Oneflow came in for a meeting and presented their solution and the rest is history.

“We took some references from customers that Oneflow has and we scouted the market for other solutions but felt that with Oneflow, we got a complete solution. We felt that Oneflow was better than the competition,” says Pontus.

High standards and deal breakers

Pontus had three major requirements for a contract management tool. The tool they were going to settle on needed to be user friendly, have a good interface, and be easy to use.

“This type of system has a tendency to be very complex. And when you use a solution in all parts of your organization, it must be user-friendly.”

oneflow for middlepoint

Integration with Teamtailor

Middlepoint uses Teamtailor and was pleasantly surprised to discover that they can use Oneflow’s Teamtailor integration. Although Middlepoint has only recently started using the integration, they are pleased with the initial results. Pontus says that this integration provides yet another layer of automatization for what used to be manual work:

“It saves time and irritation. Very good integration”.

Middlepoint cut down lead times with Oneflow

Immediate results

When you bring in a solution and implement it throughout your entire organization, you want to see quick results. Luckily, according to Pontus, Middlepoint saw results immediately.

“We saw immediate results, especially on the recruitment side. Before Oneflow, we spent an extreme amount of time on coordinating, administrating, and booking time for signing. We cut down our lead times immensely.”

Middlepoint has grown quite a bit over the past year. Had Middlepoint continued working in the way they had before, they may have had to hire new personnel to handle all the administrative work. Now, Middlepoint has a system that does that work for them and the time their employees used to spend on Admin can be used on much more important tasks.

According to Pontus, the biggest advantages with Oneflow are 4 fold:

  • Traceability
  • Monitoring
  • Simplicity
  • User-friendliness

He appreciates that Oneflow has a good user- interface, is easy to log in, and easy to use Oneflow via your mobile phone, iPad, or laptop.

Flexible implementation

Middlepoint needed a solution with flexible implementation. They chose to implement Oneflow in different stages. They started using Oneflow in their recruitment department for all employment agreements. They used it for everything from signing and archiving to contract monitoring. Something that is especially important for Middlepoint are automatic push notifications for when certain short term recruitments come to a close. Before taking in Oneflow, contract monitoring was handled manually.

“It’s nice to have a system that does a big portion of the work for us.”

After successfully implementing Oneflow in the recruitment department, Middlepoint moved on to digitizing the contract process on the customer side. Previously, they used only manual contracts so they imported those into Oneflow so that they are in the same database as their new contracts created in Oneflow. The final stage was to implement Oneflow in their supplier contracts,

“Today we have all contracts signed and archived in Oneflow.”

More optimized contract management

Pontus succeeded in his goal of optimizing contract management for Middlepoint. By bringing in Oneflow, Middlepoint has gained a way to monitor the status of all agreements, a great archive, and contract traceability all with a interface that looks nice and easy to work with. When asked if he would recommend Oneflow, Pontus said:

“I absolutely would. If you have a large amount of customer, supplier and employment agreements, as all companies do, it’s a good system for all three parts.”

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