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No loss of momentum during the negotiation process and the sales cycle is cut in half, leaving more time to close more deals every quarter. Watch your close rate soar only after a few weeks. Plus if you’re using Salesforce or any major CRM system, you can auto-create and send your proposals with a few clicks without leaving the system.

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Take control of the buying process right from sourcing and all the way to managing contract lifecycle. Stop punching contract related data manually into other systems. Never forget to terminate a contract before its notice period. Moreover, your database of offers, vendor contracts, and promises made outside the contracts are all stored and accessible from one secure workspace.

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Take no risks by having all contract data securely processed and systematically stored in one application. You will always have full control over who or what gets accessed. Emailing contracts back and forth or storing contracts locally on servers represent potential data leak or breach within GDPR compliance rules. All data in one place, structured and searchable = zero data leak.

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Human resources

Make hiring a rockstar as simple as a handshake. More than 70% of candidates review and sign employment contracts on mobile devices. So make sure you provide an amazing signing experience by sending your offer in a mobile-friendly format – HTML contracts or what we fondly refer to as e-contracts. Note that PDF contracts don’t do mobile very well.

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Take control of which template versions your colleagues are using, and what individuals or teams are allowed to do with each template. When it’s time to collaborate on a contract, all communication and audit trail related to the contract are tracked and securely stored together in one place. Total control. Full transparency. Complete compliance.

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If at anytime you need to access a contract – either to verify an invoice or to answer an inquiry from your customer – all you need to do is to search for it. Then forget about it. Because you know you will get notifications and reminders when your attention is needed during the contract milestones. No more missed deadline, no more detective work on finding old contracts and stakeholders.

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