Deliver winning proposals that supercharge sales.

Accelerate your sales cycle and increase the hit rate by automating tasks that are killing your sales momentum.

Make it ridiculously easy to sign from any device.

When you have reached a point of interest from a prospect, close the deal fast. Sales are about momentum. The probability of closing decreases rapidly with time, and competitors may be knocking on the same door. With Oneflow, you make it easy for the prospect to sign your sales proposal with a single click from any device.

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Virtual collaboration

No loss of momentum.

Easily invite internal stakeholders into the process and give them permission to view, edit, approve, or sign the contract. Your prospects can leave comments and make selections or changes directly in the contract. You control what they are allowed and supposed to do. This reduces the messy and time-consuming process of emailing back and forth, and eliminates the hairball of many contract versions.

Get notified when somebody comments on your contract and you can make changes in the contract, which will be updated in real time. There is only one version of the contract and everybody is on the same page. All comments and edits are stored in one place together with the contract.

More time, more deals.

With Oneflow, each individual sales rep will save time for every contract they publish and interact with. It is not uncommon to save more than one hour for every proposal you prepare. This adds up to a huge cost if you summarize the time spent on all proposals across the organization during a year.

But more importantly, the lost revenue potential for having sales reps working ineffectively. Let the sales reps do more of what they love and are best at – sell!

No risk of error.

Sometimes it’s impossible for the sales manager to review every single paragraph in every proposal that needs approval before it’s sent. Errors may occur and mistakes are costly.

With Oneflow, you can control what can be modified and what can’t by your sales reps before the proposal is created – and thus, make sure that all of your proposals comply to your rules and requirements.

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Captivate and surprise.

Attaching a contract in PDF sent by email used to be the standard practice. Captivate your prospects’ attention by sending your sales proposal in Oneflow by providing a mobile-friendly and interactive experience. Among all the proposals your prospect receives, make darn sure yours stand out.

You can also easily include value added products and services in your proposal with e.g. checkboxes or radio buttons so prospects can instinctively select the options that give most value to them.

Use insights to perfect your follow up.

Each contact with the prospect is an incremental move towards close. See if your prospect has opened your sales proposal, when it was opened, what has been changed, and how many times. Use these insights to plan the perfect follow up at the perfect timing. You can also revitalize a cold process before it stalls completely.

Moreover, if one of the sales reps have contacted a certain company before, it might be valuable for you to access all proposals and related communications sent to the company before sending yours.

Create and send proposals from your CRM.

Oneflow is your CRM’s best friend. We are all about increasing the probability of closing a deal. When an opportunity is created, you can create and send a proposal with pre-populated details about the prospect and opportunity, without ever leaving your CRM system. Once signed, the contract is stored together with the opportunity in the CRM.

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Improve your hit rate and shorten the sales cycle. Enjoy a frictionless sales process by making it ridiculously easy for the prospect to sign. No loss of momentum.

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