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Automate contracts with Oneflow for HubSpot

Ever wish you could automate contracts directly from your CRM? Now, you can do just that inside HubSpot by using Workflows together with Oneflow’s contract actions. 

We’re so excited to launch contract workflows inside HubSpot! It’s included as standard in our Enterprise plan, and available to other plans as an add-on, enabling revenue teams to automate contracts across HubSpot’s Sales and Marketing Hub.

Contract automation with HubSpot Workflows

With support for HubSpot Workflows, you’ll be able to automatically create and send Oneflow contracts based on triggers in HubSpot. 

Some of the use cases include automatically generating a contract after a lead submits a marketing form on your website, sending a contract if the deal stage or value changes, and automatically generating and sending a proposal after an NDA has been signed.

In HubSpot, you’ll be able to build custom Workflows using the following Oneflow actions, in combination with HubSpot triggers:

  • Create contract
  • Send contract
  • Add participant
  • Get contract details
  • Delete contract
  • Get contract list

So, why enable contract automation inside HubSpot?

You’ll get a centralized, streamlined process all inside HubSpot

Contracts are a crucial part of your sales process. Automating contract workflows inside HubSpot lets you align this very crucial part of the process with how you’ve set up your sales process inside HubSpot. By automatically generating and sending a contract at the right stage of your sales process, you can significantly increase the likelihood of getting it signed.

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You’ll reduce admin and increase efficiency

By automating your contracts, you’ll be able to remove a lot of the manual, repetitive tasks that, frankly, are boring. We want to remove as much CRM admin from sales reps as possible, making sure you and your team can focus on closing deals and improving your overall sales process.

You can serve your specific business needs

Last but not least, you can build flexible automations designed to scale with your business needs. As you grow and your contract volume increases, or your sales needs get more complex, you can easily adapt and customize your workflows to fit your needs.

Why Oneflow for HubSpot

Supercharging your sales process with data-rich contracts lets your team close deals most importantly, but also to continuously improve your sales process. 

Our HubSpot integration is built to relieve sales reps of time-consuming admin, create clear and insightful proposals, and utilize contract data to identify bottlenecks in your sales process. 

On top of contract automation with Workflows in HubSpot, our integrations offers:

  • A bi-directional data sync – Removing even more tedious, boring admin by syncing data back to Sales Hub from your contracts, and vice versa. This also includes syncing line items between your contract and HubSpot.
  • Complete visibility – Track the status of each contract on the Activity tab in HubSpot. Know exactly when a contract is opened, reviewed, or signed, allowing for timely follow-ups and actions.
  • Secure and fast signing process – Close deals faster with secure e-signatures. The moment a contract is signed, both parties receive a fully-executed copy, and the deal status is automatically updated in HubSpot.

Getting started is easy

Connecting Oneflow with HubSpot is easy. In just a few clicks, you can connect the two platforms and start enjoying the benefits of contract automation. Our team at Oneflow is committed to supporting you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth transition and immediate impact on your sales cycle efficiency.

Want to know how contract automation inside HubSpot can make your team even more efficient? Book a demo with our team!


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