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How to get more clients effectively — Proven tactics for business growth

Do you need help getting high-value clients even after investing heavily in client acquisition? It may be because you aren’t trying different sales-boosting methods. Building a steady stream of clients requires experimenting with different outreach tactics. Combining traditional and experimental strategies lets you quickly address dynamic customer needs, build authority and trust, and ultimately enhance sales. 

However, finding answers to “how to get more clients” requires several trials and errors and can get overwhelming quickly. So, let’s make it easier for you. Here are the top 10 proven tactics to get more clients and drive business growth. 

How to get more clients — top 10 ways

1. Cold emailing or cold calling

According to the State of Email Workflows report, 87% of marketers consider emails crucial to success. So, regularly analyze customer demographics and behavioral patterns and update buyer persona and sales prospect list. Then, customize emails according to each customer category. This will lead to precise targeting and better conversions. 

Craft a subject line that intrigues and encourages the recipient to open it. You can mention offers or your product’s highlight feature. Address the recipient by their first name, keep the copy brief, and add high-quality visuals to make it engaging.

Ensure the email copy doesn’t look too sales-y. Add high-value and thought-provoking content that the recipient can benefit from. The CTA should be clear and actionable. 

Armed with accurate lead information and personalized scripts, cold calls let you overcome objections with customized offerings in real time and improve conversion.

Prepare a script that hooks attention from the start. Let them know that you understand their needs and challenges. Quickly communicate how your products can solve their problem. 

You can also include relevant industry insights to establish your expertise. Most importantly, train your sales reps regularly to understand the prospect’s tone and adjust the strategy accordingly on the spot. 

Good data quality is one of any outreach campaign’s most important success factors. You can get data from B2B databases or export LinkedIn Sales Navigator lists and import them to your outreach tool. As LinkedIn users update their data regularly, you get the most recent data for your sales campaigns. 

2. Referral programs

Have you spent thousands of dollars in traditional customer acquisition strategies but failed to drive the desired revenue? Tap into your existing network of satisfied customers with attractive referral programs. 

It will generate word-of-mouth marketing, boost your credibility, and get you more clients. Referral marketing is also very cost-effective and promotes customer loyalty. 

The key to a perfect referral program is keeping it simple. Offer clear instructions and rewards to maximize participation. The incentives don’t have to be big. A voucher or discount code can work like magic. 

For example, Uber has a dedicated page detailing how customers and drivers can refer their acquaintances. The brand also offers rewards for every successful referral.

3. Networking events

Another answer to “how to get more clients” can be regular networking events. They let you: 

  • Increase brand visibility among target customers
  • Build strategic partnerships
  • Promote your expertise and expand your influence
  • Entich pipeline with promising leads

In short, events are the perfect opportunities to learn new tricks of the trade while scaling up sales opportunities.

Select an event format that aligns with your business goals and target audience. Create a landing page with event details and a sign-up link. Promote it on your socials and email to build buzz and excitement. 

Hubspot has a page with detailed information about their upcoming events. Invite thought leaders and industry experts as panelists. A well-renowned name will attract more attendees and create buzz around your event. 

Allot a segment to describe how your product can help the attendees. You can update them about new features and best practices for using your product. Giving away conference swag items at this point will enhance attendee engagement and serve as a tactile reminder of your brand, aiding in cultivating potential client relationships long after the event. The event must also have a Q&A session where you can solve potential customers’ queries. 

Finally, always send timely and personalized follow-ups after the event to strengthen the connections you have built. 

Before signing up for an event, research the organizer and what they do. Find answers to:

  • How many attendees do their events attract on average?  
  • Who are the invited speakers and panelists

Look for events with a good track record of attracting people who match your customer profiles. This will ensure maximum exposure to the relevant people.

4. Free workshops or webinars

Want to grow sales without pressuring the lead with sales pitches? Host free workshops and webinars. They let you get potential clients together, show them ways to solve their pain points, and subtly communicate how your services are exactly what they need.

For example, Salesforce conducts “Certification Days” webinars to promote its learning platform, Trailblazer. 

Delve deep into customer insights and choose topics covering their pain points. Analyze the webinars your competitors are hosting and find gaps you can address to gain an edge. 

Choose a reliable webinar platform offering the required features, interactivity, and audience capacity. Always run trials before D-day to ensure seamless connectivity.

5. Offer special promotions and discounts

Do you know what can make your value proposition irresistible? Exclusive discounts, limited-time deals, and special promotions. They make the prospect feel valuable and create a sense of urgency. The lead feels like the winner in the deal and is much more likely to convert. 

Discounts and promotions are also excellent for boosting loyalty, upselling services, and retaining existing customers. This all contributes to higher sales and faster business growth. 

Ensure the discount offers are visible on the website. To attract attention, you can also add pop-ups about the special deals.

Promote them through email marketing and social media. Use action words like “Hurry Up!” and “Grab the Deal!” to nudge the desired action. You can also add countdown clocks for limited-time deals to hype the sense of urgency. 

6. Content marketing 

Content is key, no matter what industry you operate in. They create value for potential clients without pushing annoying pitches on their faces and build authority and thought leadership. It makes the audience take you seriously and move them swiftly through the sales funnel

Actionable solutions through your content marketing will keep readers returning for more. With time, they will start to see you as a reliable consultant, generating valuable inbound leads. 

Create a blend of evergreen content, infographics, and whitepapers to accommodate a wider audience and their preferences. Variety in content also keeps your audience engaged. 

Write case studies and customer success stories. They act as social proof to build trust and show the reader how your services translate into reality. 

For example, Notion’s customer stories page has engaging case studies with infographics and visuals. 

You can also run a weekly or monthly newsletter to build a loyal following through regular content. It nurtures leads and moves them closer to conversion over time. 

7. Partnerships

Collaborating with the right industry partners can catapult your growth by multiple folds. You can leverage your partner’s existing reach and customer base, boost credibility, and enhance brand exposure without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Research the market to identify brands with the same or similar target audience and have an excellent track record in the industry. Their products and services must complement your offerings. 

For example, Atlassian partnered with Dropbox to enhance client experience. 

8. Online advertising

Combine your efforts to drive organic traffic with online ads to unleash your best marketing potential. It will help you reach the relevant audience, improve visibility and engagement, and boost sales growth. 

Optimize your website and content before launching paid ad campaigns to maximize visibility and brand recall. Audit your budget to determine how much money you can spend on online advertising.

9. Social media

Social media contributes 50% to achieving top-of-the-funnel goals with a 3% year-on-year growth. So, put your best foot forward through social handles. 

Publish engaging content regularly on LinkedIn, share high-quality visuals on Instagram, and publish tutorials, demos, and webinars on YouTube. You must also use social listening to gauge the audience’s perception and promptly address areas for improvement.  

For example, MailChimp posts tutorials, webinars, and product demos on YouTube with 61,200 subscribers. 

10. Community engagement

Building a strong community can solve your problem of “how to get more clients.” It brings together people with a genuine interest in your field and gives you access to a large pool of high-quality prospects. 

Communities also connect you with the audience on a personal level, generating loyalty. That’s why businesses report driving positive impact through community building.

For example, software company JMP runs a community where the members can discuss topics, ask questions, and connect over shared interests. 


From cold emails to referrals, events, and offering deals, try these 10 strategies to get more clients and grow your business sustainably. 

But remember, sustainable business growth comes through diligent efforts and trial and error. So, while running paid SaaS digital marketing campaigns may work for some, others may see decent results in optimizing their social media or building a community. Try to experiment to see which ones work the best for you and double down on them for the best results.


Author Bio:

Sanketee Kher (MA I/O Psychology, ex-HR) is a freelance content writer. She specializes in writing for B2B SaaS (HR-tech, Sales & Mar-tech, eComm-tech, and CRM) companies looking to incorporate personality into their brands. You can connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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