Affordable Luxury doubled its business thanks to Oneflow.

10 hours

less time on admin per week



Affordable Luxury offers Scandinavia's largest range of pre-owned bags and accessories from the world's most exclusive brands. How about, for example, a bag from Chanel or a scarf from Hermès? Since they introduced Oneflow, the range has doubled, as more customers feel secure in submitting their expensive items for sale.

Security was top priority

Nadine Awada is store manager at Affordable Luxury’s store in Sturegallerian in Stockholm. From there, they handle sales and receive goods from private individuals, but there is also the opportunity to send in items and buy new designer bags in their webshop. When Affordable Luxury realized the need for a digital contract tool, security was the most important requirement. Oneflow met their needs and the work could start immediately.

“It took no more than a day to implement Oneflow. So it went very, very fast," says Nadine.

BankID makes it easier

Today, everyone at Affordable Luxury uses Oneflow in one way or another. The company’s in-house lawyer uses the tool to conclude agreements with other companies, and Nadine, who works in the store, sends 10–20 agreements a day to private individuals. In addition, customers receive their orders with BankID via Oneflow. It has been especially convenient in corona times because people who can not go out can send an agent to pick up the goods, and sign with BankID.

“It's incredibly easy. Before, we did it via regular identification, but now we only use BankID,” says Nadine.

Affordable Luxury recommends Oneflow

Clear results

For Affordable Luxury, there is a clear difference in their time before and after Oneflow. One of the biggest differences is that they save an average of 10 hours a week by using Oneflow. More than a full working day, that Nadine and her colleagues can spend on other things. Another important result is that the number of customers who send their bags and accessories to Affordable Luxury has doubled. Nadine explains that more people feel safe sending their expensive goods when they have a signed digital agreement from the start, instead of waiting until the goods have arrived.

“More customers have become interested because you have a different level of security when it is digital. It was a bit scary to send over goods that are very expensive," says Nadine.

Benefits of Oneflow

Oneflow has meant a huge change for Affordable Luxury. Nadine says that both staff and customers love that it is so flexible, and lists three reasons why you should choose Oneflow:

  • you save time
  • it is secure
  • it is easy to create new agreements

“I recommend Oneflow every day of the week! It's great for any company, ” concludes Nadine.

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