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As a leading player in the equipment rental industry, Renta is revolutionizing traditional methods with innovative digital solutions.

Founded in 2016 in Finland and later established in Sweden, Renta has rapidly expanded and acquired several companies to become a nationwide player. Today, they have depots for machine rental throughout the Nordic region and Poland.

“We are game-changers” says Thomas Andrén, CFO at Renta Sweden. “We strive to make machine rental simple and easy for our customers. Something that runs through the entire company is that there should always be short decision processes; decisions should be made locally at our depots and you should not have to go up the hierarchy and wait for answers forever. Thanks to smart systems, we are flexible and can make business decisions directly in the depots, which allows us to be at the forefront of meeting customer needs”

Digitalization as a success factor

For Renta, digitalization is a central part of the strategy to enable simplicity, transparency and accessibility for all parties involved.

Through a user-friendly platform, Renta Easy, customers can easily view available machines at different depots, make online bookings and get an overview of rented machines and costs.

Internal digitalization has also been a priority, given Renta’s decentralized structure. They have developed processes that enable efficient communication and management of business across the country. “We’re focusing on the depots. We want the decisions to come from there, and put most of the resources into actually renting out the machines,” says Thomas.

Easier rentals

In the past, the rental process was handled manually. Paper order slips were used for picking up machines, requiring on-site signing and manual filing. To provide customers with an overview of their rental agreements, sales representatives were required to manually compile and report usage, which sometimes led to errors and misunderstandings when invoicing.

“By integrating Oneflow into our rental system, we have digitalized our signing and archiving of order slips. Everyone involved can easily see which machines have been rented, when and by whom, which makes it easier in the event of any questions or uncertainties,” says Thomas.

Instead of printing order slips, an SMS link is now sent to the customer’s phone. Through the link, the customer can easily sign the document in Oneflow to confirm receiving the machines. The contract is then archived in Oneflow for easy access and traceability for all parties.

Thomas Andrén, Renta
“We quickly realised the benefits of extending the use of Oneflow to more departments. Now, multiple teams can create, sign and archive contracts in the same place, which both simplifies processes and reduces the risk of errors.”

Thomas Andrén


Renta Sweden

Ordning och reda” for HR

Renta has expanded rapidly in Sweden in recent years, growing both through acquisitions and by opening new depots in several geographical locations.

The expansion has led to many new hires, but also to existing staff changing roles or moving to new depots. With the increase in the number of employment contracts, the risk of errors also increased, and the need to streamline HR processes quickly became apparent.

“It was easy for hiring managers to miss things or fill in contracts incorrectly, as they were created in Word templates. If you’re not trained in HR procedures, it’s not easy to know what should be included. Sure, the HR team could lock certain parts of the document – but then they had to create thousands of different templates instead.”

Oneflow’s dynamic contract templates clearly show where information should be filled in, and administrators can lock certain parts to ensure correct content. Through conditional sections, the templates are automatically adapted depending on the information filled in by the recipient.

“As I always say, it should be hard to get it wrong and easy to get it right. And that is what we have managed to create thanks to Oneflow.”

Better candidate and employee experience

Renta has integrated Oneflow with its recruitment tool, Teamtailor, which makes the work even easier. When the candidate is moved to “offer” in Teamtailor, a contract is automatically generated in Oneflow. This removes the need to switch between different systems and to manually transfer data. The two-way synchronization ensures that both systems are always updated with the correct information.

The automation in HR also involves the payroll department, which Renta has included in its ‘HR workspace’ in Oneflow. Every time an employment contract is signed, a notification is sent to them, so they can ensure the payroll system is up to date.

Integrated in CRM

To facilitate synchronization and customer management across the country, Renta has also implemented Lime as its CRM system. They had previously found it difficult to get an overall picture of the customer base, which led to several salespeople occasionally working on the same customer without being aware of it. With Lime, they have created a more unified overview.

The integration between Oneflow and Lime was implemented smoothly through Lime’s API, and Renta’s HR department assisted them in creating webhooks and other necessary actions as the main administrators of Oneflow.

“They did the programming work, and it was incredibly easy for our administrators to support them in the process,” says Thomas.

One platform. All departments.

By digitalizing and automating their processes, Renta has more control over the organization and all operations, which is especially important given its geographical spread.

“We quickly realised the benefits of extending the use of Oneflow to more departments. Now, multiple teams can create, sign and archive contracts in the same place, which both simplifies processes and reduces the risk of errors.”

According to Thomas, Oneflow provides increased structure, and Renta continues to gradually implement new processes and documents in the system. In addition to Sales and HR, the platform is now also used by the Finance Department, as well as the Quality and Environmental Department.

For legal documents, such as leases or NDAs in the case of company acquisitions, the processes have been significantly simplified as the platform provides traceability and a central archiving function.

“We also send annual reports and AGM minutes for signing via Oneflow, which is particularly helpful when our stakeholders are spread across different geographical locations. It eliminates the need to physically sign, scan and send documents”

Renta has found a good flow in their daily admin work. Being a game-changer and daring to innovate is what drives their success. In an industry that, in general, is not very digitalized, they have made tremendous progress in a very short time, especially considering the rapid expansion.

Focus on sustainability

In the Sustainability Report released by Renta in 2022, you can read about all the actions and measures taken to contribute to the UN Global Goals. An important part is to work with solutions that help the business to be more climate-smart, improve the working environment and develop all processes.

The efficiency gains that come with digitalization are an important part of their sustainability mindset. The digital signing of order slips and employment contracts also means that the amount of paper is significantly reduced, something that Renta mentions in the sustainability report.

Through Oneflow, they can also have full control of all the various delegations and documents relating to, for example, the work environment and fire protection. “Such documents are very important to keep track of, if it is not signed, it hasn’t been delegated. These are serious matters, and if something goes wrong you need to know who is responsible. We have also imported these into Oneflow, which makes it much easier to keep track. Now all delegations are in a certain Workspace, so it is very easy for our Quality and Environmental Manager to find them during audits”.

Simplifying life for your whole organization

Implementing new tools is not always the easiest thing. The onboarding process of Oneflow was initially received with some skepticism, many of the employees were comfortable with the existing processes and felt that new systems complicated things.

This is common when introducing new tools. But from the start, Renta put a lot of resources into making sure that all users understood and could use Oneflow.

Users quickly realized that Oneflow was more flexible than the Word templates used previously. Clear instructions and the ability to add extra information to each field in the contract have simplified management for all parties. There is no room for interpretation in the contracts, which creates security and clarity for users. Renta also makes sure to continuously update and improve the processes, based on user feedback.

Flexibility and ease of use are key factors in the implementation of new technological solutions. In a business that is so fast-paced and ever-changing, you need tools that can adapt and keep up with developments. Renta has found that Oneflow meets these criteria through its flexibility and ease of integration with other systems. In addition, the support has been very helpful when the need has arisen.

“Oneflow is also responsive to our needs and wishes. We have a continuous dialog with our Customer Success Manager who keeps us updated on new features and listens to our suggestions to improve the platform. It is important for us to have a supplier that can adapt to our fast-paced and changing work environment”.

Thanks to the digitalization, administration has been greatly simplified for Renta’s site managers, giving them more confidence in their role. They are empowered to be good managers by providing accurate information. This results in increased efficiency and time savings while avoiding double work and errors.

The implementation of Oneflow has also enabled shorter hiring processes, as it reduces the time from decision to signing. All this contributes to a more sustainable and efficient business, according to Thomas.

“It saves us a huge amount of time and allows us to rely on the system to prevent errors. As we expand, there have been a lot of contracts, but we can trust that the contract templates work and that the site managers can handle the process themselves”

For Renta, the digital journey means not only increased efficiency but also a step towards a more sustainable and future-proof business.

And the future looks bright. Expansion plans include adding more depots, with the hope of expanding even further north. Renta will continue to challenge the industry, that’s for sure.

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