Helthjem reaches sales goals with Oneflow’s e-contracts.

“Both myself, the seller and the store see Oneflow as flexible and easy to use, and would recommend others to use the service.” – Marius Lilleeidet, Head of Sales

Since it’s start in 2015, Helthjem has ensured that Norwegians get their packages delivered to their doors – every day. In 2018 alone, they delivered over five million packages in Norway.

Marius Lilleeidet is the Head of Sales for a new Helthjem service – self pick up. The concept is that you can pick up your package at any delivery point throughout the country. Helthjem has been using Oneflow since September 2019.

Easy and smooth solution

With Helthjem’s new service, Marius and his team saw the need for a quick and flexible solution for their agreements. It was important to be able to easily track activity and see if sent and signed agreements reached their targets.

“We wanted a service where the sellers could show the agreement when visiting the stores, and quickly send a copy to the customer. Oneflow met all of these expectations. At the same time, it is a very simple and user-friendly tool for both sales, stores and me centrally”, explains Marius.

“We also got the flexibility to tailor the agreements and layout in the way we wanted,” says Marius.

Oneflow gives flexibility

Today, Helthjem uses Oneflow in direct sales to the stores that will function as delivery points. Marius says that it is quick to set up new agreements. Because they are updated intantaneously, it makes the work more flexible. And the fact that the agreements are “live”, Marius highlights as particularly positive.

“The fact that all salespeople use the same service makes it easy for me to track activity and measure the KPIs I want.”

If you are also looking to digitize your contract process, Marius would like to say this:

“Oneflow is definitely something that more people should use because you can easily log in and export the information you need, as well as gather all agreements in a good and efficient way.”

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