Kalmarsalen signs their contracts fast and securely with Oneflow.

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1 week

shortened lead time from 2 months to 1 week

The conference and event industry can be pretty conservative when it comes to digital work. But Kalmarsalen dared to try something new and became trailblazers when they started digitizing their contracts with Oneflow. And the results were even better than they had hoped for!

Lacked control over the contract process

Catrin Stighammar, Head of Operations at Kalmarsalen, knows exactly how tedious a non-digital contract process can be. It wasn’t that long ago since she and her colleagues managed all communication around contracts by emailing back and forth. It was very dependent on individual people’s inboxes, which could cause bottlenecks and delays. They lacked an overview of the whole process and in some cases where they had their contracts on paper, a contract could easily not get signed.

“There was a huge uncertainty in the whole contract management process”, Catrin says.

Kalmarsalen recommends Oneflow

Secure system that guarantees signature

A big portion of Kalmarsalen’s contract management is about getting confirmation from their clients that they have accepted a proposal. And the feeling when you have an unsigned contract worth millions of SEK the day before an event, is nerve-wracking, to say the least. Catrin felt the need for a system that would guarantee signing and archiving in a secure way and set out in search for a completely digital solution.

“We looked at multiple different solutions but fell for Oneflow. A lot of it was because it was easy to make it personal which is important for our type of business”, Catrin says.

The possibility to invite several parties to the contracts was also an important factor for choosing Oneflow.

“Sometimes we have three different groups that have to sign. Making that work in an email conversation, it goes without saying, is extremely difficult”, explains Catrin.

Enables collaboration

The contract process is all about a collaboration between two or more people. With Oneflow, Kalmarsalen builds the contract together with the client, who can fill in the right information themselves. If a smart collaboration feature hadn’t existed, Catrin and her colleagues would have had to go back to using email in parallel. With Oneflow, however, they got the whole package.

“In a lot of situations, we haven’t had invoice information, or even known who was supposed to sign the agreement because the booking agent we have been in contact with isn’t the person who is supposed to sign. It would have been a deal-breaker if a feature like that hadn’t existed”, Catrin says.

oneflow kalmarsalen

Quick results

One afternoon. That’s all it took for Kalmarsalen to implement Oneflow. And the results came immediately. Catrin estimates that they save one workday per week by ditching email conversations around contracts. They can instead spend that time on developing the business.

“It wasn’t hard at all, but at the same time the system was complex enough to replace email and everything so that really impressed me”, Catrin says.

What used to be a normal length for a contract process, was overturned entirely. Instead of having to chase down a signature for months, they got the signed contract back within a week.

“It is so easy for them to sign so they don’t have any reason not to. And we don’t have to nag them, because Oneflow sends them little reminders and reminds us if they haven’t signed so that is also great”, Catrin says.

Oneflow makes life easier

Catrin recommends Oneflow for three reasons:

  • Reliable and available support
  • Ability to modify the contracts to your own business
  • Smart and helpful features

When you are a small team like Kalmarsalen who has a broad scope of work, time is often a scarcity. Because of that, Oneflow’s support, who is always reliable and available, means a lot to Catrin. The same goes for the different features she describes as an additional support staff within the system. It’s all thanks to them that the contracts get signed on time, sent to the right person, and include the correct invoice information.

“I would say if you haven’t used it before, you need it!”, concludes Catrin.

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