Babs Paylink is the market leader in card payment services and hardware with nearly 50,000 terminals across the country. In keeping up with the constantly evolving industry, Babs Paylink realized that there was time to save by automating its contract handling, but results did not show until after Oneflow got into the picture.

PDF-based solution did not solve all problems

Digital contract management is not news to Babs Paylink before they came into contact with Oneflow. They had used a standard e-signature solution based on a PDF file. The process meant that the contract was sent to the customer in the form of a PDF file that was then signed electronically. The disadvantage of this was that the contract could not be edited after it had been sent. If something needed to change in the contract, Babs Paylink had to redo the entire process and create a new version of the contract, which took unnecessary time and meant more administration for the company.

Moreover, Babs Paylinks needed to take into account in their contract process was that there were more parties involved in the process that needed access to the same document and share the same information. PDF-based solution could not meet this need. It was only possible to send out copies of the contracts to all involved but there are multiple versions of the contract in the local mailboxes. Babs Paylink, therefore, decided to look for other alternatives, and that’s when Oneflow came into the picture.

Oneflow streamlines the entire contract process

With Oneflow, Babs Paylink automates not only the signing step, but also streamlines the process that occurs before the signing of the contract. Now the contract is a living document until it is signed. All communication related to the contract is easily added directly to the document via the comment field, saving both time and administration. Oneflow also helped Babs Paylink to handle more parties involved in the process. Now they can invite all involved in one and the same contract, where everyone shares the same information. They also have the ability to set up permissions for each person via a role feature in Oneflow.

Better control and happy customers

After Oneflow, Babs Paylink has gained better control over its contracts and can handle the bulk of the contract process on its own. The solution is user-friendly and one does not have to be technical to handle Oneflow.

For Bab’s Paylink, collaboration with Oneflow has been an important part of the success, Oneflow’s flexibility and responsiveness are something that the company values the most. After one month of using Oneflow, they have received positive customer response and were told that Oneflow was a smooth solution.

“We are pleased and even our customers are satisfied, the implementation of Oneflow has really been a success,” said Emma Ståhlros, Business Development Project Manager at Babs Paylink.