With a customer base like Nasdaq, Capgemini, Aleris, and hitta.se, People Experience led by its Managing Partner and co-founder Åse Sundberg, is well on its way to becoming the most innovative and modern recruitment agency specializing in tech and HR.

We met up with Åse in Stockholm and were keen to understand her journey to success. Her secrets? Think digital from day one.

“From day one, our goal is to run a digital business so we think digital in everything we do. We use Oneflow for contract management and e-signing, which is working absolutely fantastic for us, and we have just begun to look into how to create our ads with AI.”

Oneflow stood out

Prior to Oneflow, People Experience manages all sales contracts manually. The lengthy process of creating a contract, printing it out, signing on the paper contract, sending it to the customer or candidate via “snail mail” and waiting for them to sign and send back the contract – isn’t exactly effective nor contributing to any value for the business.

“Oneflow definitely stands out from the rest of the e-signature platform in the market. It’s very neat and easy to use, not to mention, the excellent and speedy service by the Oneflow team from the first contact to onboarding to utilizing the platform. It took just a couple of days from our decision to go with Oneflow to getting it up and running!”

Features we can’t live without

People Experience uses Oneflow to send all contracts including employment contracts for our consultants and employees, commercial contracts to our clients. Working with Oneflow makes a huge difference to how it used to be, everything is simply running faster and faster! Contracts get signed at a much faster pace.

Here are two features in Oneflow that Åse absolutely loves:

  • Clients and candidates can make changes directly in the contract – this is the clear winner of all features
  • Getting automatic notfications if the recipients have opened or adjusted the contract makes it really easy to follow up and gives an amazing experience to clients and candidates

“I’d definitely recommend Oneflow to anyone who’s looking for a e-signature platform. In fact, I mentioned Oneflow yesterday to a client who asked about it, and will continue to do so.”

Åse Sundberg People Experience


Åse Sundberg

Managing Partner & Co-founder of People Experience

Age: 44 years old

Lives in: Saltsjö-Boo, Sweden

Family: 2 boys, 10 and 13 years old

Most proud of: My sons of course, but also founding People Experience

Future goals: For me and my family to be well always. For our company to keep growing.

Revenue: 10 MSEK

Profit margin: 30%

Number of employees: 12