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Systembolaget is probably one of Sweden’s most well-known brands with a customer base of nearly the entire population. With an annual purchasing volume of 1.2 billion SEK in the “Indirect purchasing” department and approximately 3000 vendors, contracts are constantly being sent back and forth. There was undoubtedly a need for a better system, and that’s where Oneflow came in. Tor Myhrman, Head of Indirect Sourcing, describes Systembolaget’s journey towards easier contract management.

It was when the Procurement department at Systembolaget had to sign a contract digitally sometime in 2016 that their eyes were opened to e-signing and digital contract management. In order to successfully implement an e-signing system, they needed to bring more people on board, says Tor. The obvious thing to do was to turn to HR. He knew that HR, who drowns in the management of 10,000 employment contracts / year, would welcome easier management with open arms.

Easy to use e-signing system

After extensively looking at seven different partners, both small and large, the choice landed on Oneflow. Tor summarizes why in three points:

  • Easy to use
  • Ability to create templates
  • Quick and easy to get started.

Systembolaget went from having to carry around on lots of binders, chasing down the CEO and other important people for signatures and keeping track of where any given agreement was internally as well as externally, to suddenly having complete control, overnight. So the benefits with Oneflow were easy to see, says Tor.

"The benefits with Oneflow were easy to see."

Unforeseen need for Oneflow

Today, Procurement at Systembolaget is a routine user of Oneflow with 488 sent procurement contracts in 2018. Oneflow has even helped with unforeseen needs in other parts of the organization, says Tor and lists:

  • Delegation of fire protection to 440 stores
  • Board protocol
  • GDPR
  • Approval of keycards
  • The subsidiary IQ

So even though it began as a tool for Procurement, Oneflow has become a tool that the entire organization can use. Driving a wider use of Oneflow in the organization is something Tor and his gang will continue with.


Tor Myhrman

Head of Indirect Sourcing at Systembolaget

Age: 38

Lives: Enskede, Stockholm

Family: wife Cattis and children Berna and Tage

Most proud of: Job-wise, I’m most proud of the support Systembolaget has from the Swedish people and how we year after year continue to reach new highs in both customer service and opinion.

Future goals: To continue to drive effectivization and digitalization. That both Systembolaget and my purchasing department continue to measure up to external comparisons. And maybe also to learn to dive from the 3 meter mark.

Revenue: More than 30 billion SEK

Profit margin: Well, Systembolaget isn’t primarily measured by returns (even if it is one parameter) but more by for example public support for exclusivity, customer satisfaction and age control. Currently, 76.5% support Systembolaget and its’ monopoly. But ok, profit margin is usually around 1%.

Number of employees: Over 5800

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