Kundo takes control of their contracts with Oneflow.


faster time to sign on contracts


less time on administration per contract

For a tech company like Kundo, that develops easy and smart customer service tools, implementing a digitalized recruitment process was a given. With Oneflow, they were able to create a great experience for the candidate, all the way through to the final stage.

From manual to digital contract management

There was a time when Jonatan Larsson, co-founder Head of People at Kundo, and his team handled all employment contracts manually. They worked with signatures on paper, either through a manager and candidate meeting up to sign together or by sending the contract by post and hoping for the best. In the end, it became far too time-consuming and a difficult to control process with too many risks involved. When two consecutive employment contracts disappeared in the mail, it was the last straw – Jonatan and his team needed a new system.

Quick implementation of Oneflow

In order for Kundo to decide to invest in a digital contract tool, they wanted to be sure that certain results would be achieved, including:

  • Quicker signing process
  • Tracking of what happens with sent contracts

And because they had seen Oneflow’s contract management tool first hand in Kundo’s sales department, the choice was easy. The benefits were clear so implementation began immediately.

“We were up and running the same day we decided to choose Oneflow,” says Jonatan.

Powerful template management for easier workflow

One of the reasons Kundo chose Oneflow for its recruitment contracts is Oneflow’s template function. Jonatan describes it as both powerful and easy to use at the same time.

“It is very easy to create content and templates. Instead of uploading a finished document in PDF format for signing, we can create content in a very good way. And we have very handy templates to create multiple contracts,” says Jonatan.

Creating several similar agreements but with different counterparts is exactly what Jonatan had to test properly. When it was time for the company to move to a collective agreement, all colleagues needed to sign new employment contracts, which meant some administration.

“We needed to set up many agreements that were very similar but with different counterparties. With Oneflow, this went fast and smooth,” says Jonatan.

Oneflow provides a great candidate experience

Many advantages with Oneflow

In addition to template management, Jonatan highlights three major advantages of Oneflow that Kundo has really benefited from:

  • Tracking feature
  • Audit trail
  • Interactive fields

Avoiding the uncertainty about what happens to an agreement as soon as it is sent is something that Jonatan feels is the best thing about Oneflow. With the tracking feature, he now has full control and knows that the agreement has really been sent and that the candidate has received and read it. And should any changes or additions come about, he gets an exact overview in the audit history.

Another feature that is much appreciated by Jonatan is the ability to add interactive fields to the agreement. It also contributes to a much faster process.

"Some fields you can have the candidate fill in themself and then you reduce the risk of errors," says Jonatan.

Multiple areas of use for Oneflow

From starting as a sales tool to becoming an important part of the hiring process, Oneflow is now used at all levels of the organization.

“By default, we use Oneflow when we need to set up a contract,” says Jonatan, listing all types of agreements in question:

  • Customer Agreements
  • Employment Contracts
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Partner Agreements
  • Consultation Agreements
  • Protocol

More effective contract management

With simpler and faster communication around agreements, thanks to the comments field and knowledge of what happens to the sent agreement, Kundo has become much more efficient in their contract management.

“Oneflow provides a very good experience in the final stage of the recruitment process, both for the new colleague and for us at the company,” says Jonatan. "I definitely recommend Oneflow!"


Jonatan Larsson

co-founder and Head of People at Kundo

Revenue: almost 40 MSEK

Employees: 40

Offices: Stockholm, Oslo

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