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Sprio is a recruitment and staffing company that grinds down all the obstacles in the application process to the ground. Super fast and hassle-free is the trick, from the time it takes to submit an application to the time it takes to get feedback. And with Oneflow’s e-contract tool, employment contracts get signed in no time!

The Problem

As consulting manager at Sprio, Elin Adell takes over from the recruiter and signs agreements with the candidate, manages onboarding and ensures that both the client and the candidate are satisfied. And because Sprio has a lot of consultants out there with clients, it means a lot of agreements for Elin to handle. Initially, all employment contracts and other types of documents were signed with old-school paper and pen, with one copy sent to the consultant manager and one to the candidate, which was then put into binders. It was zero percent flexible and several hours were spent on the contract signing alone.

"It was a challenge because we have very fast recruitment processes and recruit many students who are not always able to get to our office. It made it very cumbersome for us, and we would have to stay in the office late at night in order to fit with the candidate’s schedule."

In addition to the time-consuming process of printing, signing, mailing, waiting to get the signed agreement back, and finally putting it into a binder, the former method of work meant not as much control as you could wish for. It was difficult for Elin and her colleagues to know whether the posted agreement had reached the candidate, and when they would have the signed agreement back. Working with paper contracts could also pose some problems, purely logistically.

"Since we are not always in our office, you had to remember to print all the papers and bring them. If you forgot something, it was incredibly cumbersome."

The Solution

The gang at Sprio realized that something needed to be done, preferably yesterday. When Oneflow’s sales manager got in touch and presented solid knowledge and experience of Sprio’s industry, there was no doubt about it, they had found their perfect match! Implementation started right away and thanks to the simplicity of Oneflow, the benefits of e-contracts quickly became apparent. Today, Elin and colleagues use Oneflow daily for all types of important documents signed by them and by a consultant.

“Oneflow saves an incredible amount of time and is very flexible. We are not always in the office, so now we can bring all of our 'papers' with us in the computer and sign anywhere. Our daily work has become much smoother ”

The Result

Elin lists a number of positive results with Oneflow, but in particular highlights the time gain as worth their weight in gold. Sprio has become much more efficient in its work, as Oneflow is a flexible solution for both the contractor and the signer. Elin also mentions all the positive reactions from their recruits.

"Something that I think is fun is that our recruits, who are 19 to 28 years old, think the whole signing process is really modern. It provides a good experience for them. They also appreciate getting the signed agreement via email which makes it easily accessible."

For Elin, there is no doubt about the fact that Oneflow has made her daily work much easier. Gone are the days of tedious paperwork, back and forth with the signing process and zero control.

"I definitely recommend Oneflow! Partly because it is user-friendly, easy and easy to understand. It is flexible and allows us to work freely wherever we are. In addition, after the few times we have needed it, we know that Oneflow has very good support that helps with everything."


Elin Adell

Consultant Manager at Sprio

Age: 26

Lives: Uppsala, but works in Stockholm

Revenue: 39 MSEK

Profit margin: 0 MSEK

Number of employees: 150

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