How the Digital HR PwC team came to fruition.

We recently had the honor to interview a superhero within Digital HR. His name is Joakim Karlsson, HR Tech and Innovation Manager, and he tells us a story about how he started the Digital HR PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) team from scratch.

Meet our guest Joakim Karlsson – the dude who gave birth to the Digital HR PwC team. He literally created his own role and team within PwC’s HR department!

Joakim’s on fire in what he does and is super passionate about creating an amazing people experience using new and emerging tech and it really shows in this interview.

In this episode of Oneflow TV, Joakim tells us:

  • What have drones got to do with HR?
  • How to convince the management to create a Digital HR PwC team?
  • How is HR department acting as a catalyst for digital transformation initiatives?
  • Why are contract automation and e-signing an important part of Digital HR?
  • Why are HTML5 based contracts better than PDF contracts?
  • What is the biggest lesson he’s learned so far?