Waiting for follow up after sending a contract can be a frustrating and drawn out experience. Each passing day feels like an eternity. We’ve all been through the maddening process of sending off a contract and chasing your client to make sure they receive it, read it, agree to it, sign, and send it back. After getting your signed contract back you often have to get it signed internally and file it away in a “safe place”. This whole flow can take weeks to finish.

traditional contract process

Countless hours are spent on these interactions. Hours that could be spent chasing new business. E-contracts give you control over the entire contract flow from proposal to signature in a fraction of the time. Here are some of the major reasons to choose E-contracts over static contracts.

Impress your counterparts

Common contracts are time consuming and irritating to work with. Imagine your clients delight at not having to print, read, type up changes in an email or write them in the margins of your contract, scan and email it back to you when they can easily handle all negotiating directly in their living E-contract document.

Professional, personalized, cutting edge e-contracts will blow your counterparty away. Add branding and even record and attach a video greeting directly through Oneflow’s video recording feature to wow your clients. You can even record your screen with audio to walk your client through a specific part of your proposal.

Close deals 8x faster

Imagine working for months on closing a client who finally agrees to accepting a proposal. You work for a couple of days on drafting the perfect proposal only to have that proposal get lost in snail mail. You contact your client a week later to see if they have any questions and discover that they haven’t even seen your proposal yet. You take an instant hit to your credibility and the deal of a lifetime may be lost forever.

contract e-sign

Electronic contracts are sent to your counterparty with the click of a button. Live editing allows you to get instant feedback on your proposals and reach an agreement FASTER. No longer do you have to chase down your counterparty with emails, phone calls, missing person reports, etc to make sure they have seen the latest version of a proposal. E-contracts ensure that the right person gets your proposal the second you are done drafting. You can even see when the proposal has been received and read and get real-time notifications every time your counterpart suggests a change and signs!

Eliminate hinders to sign

In the tech age, you must evolve or die. The days of stationary contracts are gone. E-contracts, not only practical, are essential now when we are used to having instant access to everything at our fingertips. One of the best aspects of Oneflow’s e-contracts is that you can sign anytime, anywhere. Research shows that the majority of contracts are signed on Fridays and during the weekends. Stationary contracts only allow for business to be conducted Monday-Friday, eliminating 2 days a week where you could be closing deals. This is important year-round but is especially important during closing weeks at month’s end.

Motivate sales team with real-time feedback and no learning curve

Any E-contract management tool worth their salt will seamlessly integrate with your current systems. This way, the learning and adoption curve is little to none. Say your sales team works with Salesforce or HubSpot, E-contract systems like Oneflow let your sales team draft and send proposals directly from their chosen CRM interface. Good integrations, like the ones provided through Oneflow, even auto-populate data from your CRM system directly into your contracts. Your sales team can send proposals faster with proposal templates and eliminate time consuming follow up. They can even follow the lifecycle of their contract and see all updates from their preferred CRM system.

oneflow dashboard

Smart Contract Management systems, like Oneflow, provide a dashboard where sales teams can see a complete picture of all leads, opportunities, negotiations and won deals in the same view.

Don't get left behind

In the digital age it’s either adapt to the times or be forgotten. There is a reason why all types of smart businesses from worldwide fast-fashion brands and international car manufacturers to small mom and pop shops are choosing to work with E-contracts and smart contract management tools like Oneflow. Don’t get left behind.

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