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How to close more deals with digital contracts

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Have you sent a proposal and never heard back? Each passing day feels like an eternity. Stop wondering. Start tracking. Stay in control throughout the entire sales flow from “propose to close”. Use your time closing new business. Just a few of the many reasons to choose digital contracts.

Map over the traditional contract process. Communication goes back and forth multiple times rather than live-negotiation within the contract (Oneflow).

Impress your counterparts

Regular contracts are time consuming and irritating to work with. Stop asking your clients to print, read, type up changes in an email or write them in the margins of your contract, scan and email it back to you. Digital contracts are live – they can make these edits in real-time.

Blow them away with a modern proposal that you can send over in minutes. Add branding and record a video greeting to wow your clients. You can even record your screen with audio to walk your client through a specific part of your proposal.

GIF showing that you can send videos with Oneflow within your contracts.

Close deals 8x faster

Imagine working for months on closing a client who finally agrees to accepting a proposal. You work for a couple of days on drafting the perfect proposal only to have that proposal get lost in snail mail. You contact your client a week later to see if they have any questions and discover that they haven’t even seen your proposal yet. You take an instant hit to your credibility and the deal of a lifetime may be lost forever.

Infographic showing that your contracts could be signed easily with Oneflow.

With digital contracts, your proposal is the contract when it’s signed with the click of a button. No more lost proposals. Ensure that the right person gets your proposal the second you are ready to send it over. See when the proposal is received and read. Be notified in real-time every time your prospect suggests a change and signs!

Remove friction to sign

In the tech age, you must evolve or die. The days of static contracts are gone. Digital contracts, not only practical, are essential now when we are used to having instant access to everything at our fingertips. And let buyers sign anytime.

Research shows that the majority of contracts are signed on Fridays and during the weekends. Static contracts only allow for business to be conducted Monday-Friday, eliminating 2 days a week where you could be closing deals.

Images showing the simplicity of storing your contacts within the Oneflow product.

No learning curve

Say your sales team works with Salesforce or HubSpot, Oneflow lets your team draft and send proposals directly from your CRM interface. Auto-populate data from your CRM system directly into your contracts. Send proposals faster with proposal templates and stop using your time to follow up manually. Track contract status and updates inside the CRM system.

Ask us anything about e-contracts

Want to know more about e-contracts or the future of contract handling? We’d love to hear from you.

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