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Westpay envisions a digital future with contactless payments. Oneflow’s digital contracts are helping them realize that vision.

We’re all familiar with contactless payments. Tapping your card on the reader, using Swish, Paypal, or even Klarna. It’s become standard operating procedure for most of us these days. Westpay is a company that is at the forefront of the payment industry. They have many solutions and offerings to make a seamless contactless payment experience for consumers.

Contactless payments have always been a part of their vision according to Sten Karlsson, CEO of Westpay. They’ve embraced new technologies and various payment methods as they’ve matured. As it’s up to the consumer to decide how they want to pay but they’ve got the solution to meet their needs.

More clients mean more contracts

Recently they’ve expanded and adapted their business model. As they were scaling up and working with more clients, they needed more contracts. That’s where Oneflow came into the picture.

“All of a sudden we went from doing ten contracts a year to doing hundreds of them. And emailing PDFs back and forth was not a practical way to go about it,” said Sten. “We’re in the process of scaling and Oneflow makes it easier to grow in that regard.”

Westpay has a bottom-up approach. Where they try to improve things that are most important. Being a very digitally savvy company, they’re always looking for ways to digitalize internal processes. Turning to digital contracts made a lot of sense for them according to Sten. 

They started off using Oneflow primarily for rental and service contracts, but it was such a good fit, they expanded its use to recruiting and HR. Especially because they implemented a CRM system, Hubspot. There’s the Oneflow app for Hubspot which is natively found on the Hubspot marketplace. This makes digital contract management within Hubspot seamless. 

Up to speed, just like that

Within no time, Westpay was up and running. It was the ease of use that allowed them to get things going quickly. According to Sten, “(Oneflow) is easy to use. If you’re a Hubspot user like us, it’s easy to get going right away and start working with digital contracts.”  That was one of the main benefits they’ve felt so far according to Sten, but the value has been noticed in many ways.

“We constantly have new items coming into our product portfolio. Sometimes those need to be adjusted in the contracts that we have with clients, so making sure that we have the latest version of the contract in our customer’s hands is important,” said Sten. 

With Oneflow, they have that.

As the real-time editing of contracts allows for all edits to be updated live and on the fly. Being able to collaborate all in one place also greatly improves the quality of the contracts according to Sten. He also loves the overview and management dashboard. They can track their contracts and know the status of each one. Then determine if they need to take action on a specific deal. It makes scaling more achievable.

Scaling and prevailing

Not to be overlooked, is the speed and the easiness in closing the deal with digital contracts. “Having PDFs sent over email and chasing people to print them, sign them, scan them and send them back was a nightmare,” said Sten. “It’s saved us significant time on getting deals done.”

Since their digital contract processes are in place, Westpay is spending less time on busy work. With this revelation, they’re now ready to address new markets, attract new clients and grow their business. 

“Digitalizing our contract process has let us know that this works, that we can properly do this. Now we can turn to other areas to be even better in. We’ve been able to focus on forging new relationships with merchants, focus on carving out new workflows and take on a new kind of customer,” said Sten.

With the friction removed from their contract processes, Westpay has been able to spend its efforts in more effective ways. But, to be more concrete let’s take a look at the definition of friction.

What is friction?

When asked what friction means to him, Sten responded, “It’s having 99% of the deal done, but needing the final 1% of getting their signature. That can easily take up lots of time and effort.” He went on to say, “Now with Oneflow, instead of sending emails, powerpoints, etc. We remove the gray area. Our counterparts get a clear transparent offer. It’s easier for us to get to a yes and get their signature.”

Long email threads are a nightmare. Details get lost, you’re not sure if you’re working on the right version, and tracking changes is almost impossible. This slows down deals and can kill business. With Oneflow’s digital contracts that friction is removed. 

When looking for a solution like Oneflow, Westpay looks for something that’s easy and intuitive. They rely on references and word of mouth to gauge credibility. For them, they need an adaptable contract solution because it’s crucial in a world that moves so fast and changes all of the time. They need to be on top of it and ready for change at the drop of a hat. According to Sten, they’ve found that with Oneflow.  

You too can have digital contracts that work the way that you need them to. Give Oneflow a shot here for free!

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