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The best contract management software for sales

Discover the best contract management software for sales - Oneflow

When speaking with our sales team, we hear that our customers run into the same problems over and over with their sales contract management/software. Our prospects are looking for the best contract management software for sales but don’t know where to look.

They hear from our customers that it’s taking way too much time for their contracts to get signed, rather than having their sales contracts get created, sent and signed in less than a week.

They’re hitting delays as PDF contracts get lost in the long email threads where their negotiation takes place. Instead of having all of their communication and negotiation done directly inside of the contract. 

These are all problems that Oneflow solves as it has the potential to be the best sales contract software. In this article, we’ll cover the ways salespeople can use Oneflow to get their sales contracts signed faster. As well as ensure that no communication about the deal or contract is missed, thus extending the deadline and delaying revenue. Plus, we’ll talk about why using Oneflow is an easy but effective way to sell. 

So let’s learn why Oneflow is the best contract management software for sales professionals and teams.

Sales contracts can be created and sent faster

Sellers constantly run into the problem of contracts being signed at a slow pace. This can be understandable sometimes when larger companies, amounts of money, and stakeholders are involved. But only to an extent. When you sell with the best contract management software, your deals can be closed faster as your contracts can get signed quicker.

Salespeople are pressed for time. From conversations with our sales team, they wish there was more time in the day. We understand that completely. They hate updating their CRM’s and doing manual data entry, as well as manually creating contracts. It’s time that they feel they could be spent in a more efficient way, or actually doing their job of selling. We agree, and we know the solution to them fiddling their time away with manuel contract creation. 

Creating contracts in the best contract management software for sales

How? By using Oneflow’s digital contracts as your contract management software. Your deal velocity will increase significantly if you sell with Oneflow. 

For starters, you can easily create a new contract from the dashboard inside of Oneflow by hitting the “create new document” button in the image shown below. It wont’ take you more than a few clicks to get one created.

Best contract management software for sales

After clicking that button, you have the option to create a new sales contract from scratch, or choose a template that you’ve created and used before for your sales agreements. Which you’ll see in the screenshot below.

best contract management software for sales

Seeing as you’ll be using this template for a sales contract, it makes sense to use a template that has been designed to be used for a sales agreement. Just click the option that suits the deal that you’re structuring and then up will pop a new digital contract for you to fill out the details and send to your counterparty.

Creating a contract doesn’t have to be an inhibitor to a deal, in fact can be super simple and effortless. It can be done in just a few clicks When using Oneflow as your contract management software, you can be sure that creating, sending and signing contracts will be quick and easy. That’s because it’s one of, if not the best contract management software for sales.

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Keep all communication clear inside the contract

In our Contract Compass Report, we heard from professionals that the biggest reason contracts don’t get signed on time is because of a lack of clarity in the contract. A lack of clarity can result from a lack of clear communication between parties. Contracts are agreements that reached between two parties. The easiest way to reach an agreement is to communicate effectively inside the contract, rather than in a long and messy email thread. 

When you sell with the best contract management software you turn your negotiations into conversations. That’s because your communication is done inside of the contract, rather than in external applications and documents. So no comments or messages fall through the cracks and it’s easier to get everyone on the same page and in agreement.  

When selling with Oneflow you and your prospect communicate directly inside of the contract. You can even leave data fields open so that they can fill them out themselves. And research has shown that when people are involved in the agreement process, and feel like they have affected the outcome, they are more likely to be happy with the result of the agreement.

best contract management software for sales

So, when you use Oneflow as your contract management software for sales, you’ll be able to include your counter party in the price discussion and implement their feedback in real time. See the screenshot below for the type of product table information that your counterparty can enter inside the contract. 

Counterparties can confirm, change or select the amount of the service or product that they’d like to buy. And if any questions, comments or concerns come up, they can simply ask for more clarification inside of Oneflow. They don’t even have to leave the contract to get their answer, it can be all done right there, inside the contract!

In this example, you can see that a message was sent out when the contract was delivered to the prospect, but they wanted to buy more than what was laid out in the initial contract. Isn’t that exactly what a sales person wants to see in a contract? The contract value go up? That’s what we’ve heard is the case.

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All that’s left to do now with this sales contract is to click on the big green sign button. Then your sales contract is signed, thanks to everybody being happy with what’s laid out in the contract. Any hiccups with regards to communication are directly addressed inside the oneflow contract, and all parties are happy with the deal.

Oneflow is the best sales contract management software

The cliche saying is that communication is key to relationships. And contracts are exactly that, and yes, communication is just as important to them as well. In order to sell better, you should be using the best tools available to you and your team. The best contract management software for sales is one that uses digital contracts to fight the friction that comes up in the contract process. It’s the software that allows for sellers to create contracts easy and fast, by having lots of available templates on hand. It’s the software that allows for all communication to be done inside of the contract, so that it’s easier to get all parties aligned and in agreement.

You too can have the best contract management software for sales, it’s available for you to try out for free here.


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