The basics

Oneflow is an end-to-end e-contract platform that automates contract handling for businesses of all sizes.

E-contract, or electronic contract, is a concept developed by Oneflow to enable users to manage all the steps that are involved in a contract process in one secure workspace. We do this by digitizing your entire contract process.

Oneflow gives its users the ability to author, collaborate, sign, manage lifecycle, and analyze contracts and data related to the contracts. Users can easily invite their stakeholders and counterparts to participate in the contract process. All communications are tracked in an audit trail. Signing contracts via Oneflow is legally binding in most parts of the world.

Oneflow is a tool designed for all departments in any business to unify the steps involved in a contract process by making it an all-in-one powerful workspace. Sales, human resources, procurement, finance, legal, and IT professionals use Oneflow to automate contract handling and save time by working smarter every day.



If you are an existing customer or a trial user, you can find most answers at our Help Center here. For urgent requests, you can also email support@oneflow.com or call us at  +46 (0) 8 517 297 70. For more details about our Service Level Agreement, please visit this page.

For signers or recipients

As a recipient, you have been sent an email with a link to a contract that your counterparty wants you to read through, consider, and (hopefully) sign. A Oneflow contract may be interactive and allow you to fill in information and make choices right in the contract itself.

If you have been invited to sign a contract, the answer is no, you do not need to be a registered user to open the contract.

Once the contract is signed by both parties, you will be able to download the signed in PDF and the copy of the signed contract will also be sent to your inbox.

Getting a trial account

After you create an account, you get instant access to Oneflow for 14 days. We don’t ask for your credit card in order to start your trial, so feel free to try Oneflow completely free without obligations.

Your trial will expire automatically after 14 days. After that you will not be able to log into your account or access your contracts or templates. If you wish to export any contracts, please contact our support team to be granted temporary access. You can also export your contracts yourself before the trial ends.


Author is Oneflow’s contract authoring tool. It enables you to create awesome branded contracts and ensure the right contract versions and templates are used. Using simple drag and drop editor and predefined content modules, you can build awesome, flexible and secure HTML based contract templates like a pro.

Data fields are placeholders that let you duplicate information to multiple places in a contract. It’s an easy way to auto-populate recurring information in the contract content, such as the recipient’s company name. It saves you time and effort from manually going through the entire contract to enter the recurring data.

Data fields are also used with integrations. You can for example map your fields in a CRM to the corresponding data fields in a contract template, and automate the population of data in each new contract. The other way around, you can transfer data field values from Oneflow to any other system through our API, like e.g. CRM and ERP.   


Collaborate lets you speed up your contract negotiation process by inviting everyone involved to review, comment and approve the contract before sending it to your counterparties – in one shared web platform, where you can manage access rights and permissions for each participant. Get notifications and reminders when it’s your turn and when others have interacted with the contract.

An audit trail keeps track of all changes and access to your contracts. Oneflow collects and logs all of the modifications made to a contract. Who did what and when? This is a far more efficient way of working than sending different versions of contracts back and forth, and comparing the content.

Notifications are sent whenever another participant has updated or changed something in the contract. You and your counterparty can maintain an open communication, and you’ll always know what’s going on. Whenever a change is made, an email is sent out with a summary of what the updates are and who made them. A summary of notifications will also be visible in Oneflow.


Sign enables you to electronically sign a contract without paper and make it easy to sign from any device. Contracts signed via Oneflow are legally binding in most countries around the world. In fact, it is way more secure than ink on paper. Use multi-factor authentication to increase security, such as SMS and electronic identification (such as Bank ID).

Yes, it is legally binding and court admissible in most parts of the world, including all European countries, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and a majority of countries in Asia. An electronic signature or e-signature carries at least the same weight and legal effect as a traditional ink on a paper signature. 

We offer the most advanced electronic signature which is the default setting for Oneflow verification and signing. Your counterparty receives an email with a secure and unique link to the contract, and can sign securely and legally from any device with a single click. Moreover, Oneflow offers additional authentication methods using SMS and electronic ID.

Open the signed PDF document in Adobe Reader. You can download Adobe Reader here. In the top you will see a blue bar confirming that the document has been signed, and you can open the signature panel for additional information about the certificate and its legality. Here’s a step by step instruction on our blog.


Lifecycle allows you to organize and add lifecycle events to your contracts so that you will have all contracts in one secure archive. You can get automatic reminders and alerts according to the contract milestones. With our powerful built-in search function, you can literally “google” for a contract in Oneflow or filter by tags, placeholders, dates or keywords. No more flipping through binders.


Automating your contracts with Oneflow doesn’t mean you have to disrupt your current workflows. Connect means you can leverage your favorite systems to create and sign Oneflow contracts through using Oneflow’s public API, webhooks and plug-and-play integrations.

Oneflow offers plug-and-play integrations with Salesforce, Upsales, Lime, Intelliplan, and more than 1000 other systems. If you have a proprietary system, or some software that we don’t already provide an integration for, your can of course integrate Oneflow yourself. We provide an open REST API and webhooks. Jump right into our API doc here or read more about our integrations here.

Security and GDPR

Oneflow meets the strictest requirements in regards to personal data and stays compliant with the GDPR regulations. All contracts are encrypted and personal information anonymized. We guarantee that no data is ever shared with other parties than it is intended for. For more information on Oneflow’s compliance work with GDPR, please click here.

Protecting your data is our number one priority. Oneflow runs on highly secure, extremely scalable and highly reliable world-class cloud services that meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

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