Gain instant insight on the performance across all departments via role-based dashboards.

Single source of truth for all data.

  • No need to pull contract data from multiple sources.
  • Use contract analytics to understand and track sales, procurement and other business KPIs such as cycle times, close ratios, expiry and renewal stats, contract revenue and spend.

Role-based dashboards.

  • Easy overview of all contract activities in one place.
  • Track top performers and laggards in your team or organization.
  • Contract engagement data will help you make better strategic decisions.

Get answers to frequent questions.

  • How long does it take to get a contract signed from the time it was created?
  • When do my contracts end or renew during the year?
  • How many contracts sent last month have been signed?
  • Which contract templates perform best?
  • What is the total value of contracts signed during the past quarter?

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Learn how Oneflow benefits every department in your organization

Improve your hit rate and shorten the sales cycle. Enjoy a frictionless sales process by making it ridiculously easy for the prospect to sign. No loss of momentum.

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Increase your probability of hiring the right person and simplify the process with Oneflow. Share a digital contract, and the candidate can quickly sign it from any device.

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A fully digital contract process means no more manual punching of data. Get notifications on key events during the contract lifecycle, and make smarter buying decisions.

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Take no risks by having all contract data securely processed and stored in one application. Control rights and permissions. Stay compliant with GDPR.

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Ensure your colleagues always work with the correct version of a template. Access all contracts, communication logs, and audit trails with a few clicks - all in one place.

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Easy access to contract data. It takes no time to match invoices and contracts. And with auto-reminders on key events, you will never miss a deadline.

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