Fast track your negotiation process by having everyone involved collaborate on one platform.

From chaos to collaboration

Managing contract negotiation via email is painful for everyone involved in the process. There is no easy way to keep track of all communication and it is virtually impossible to keep everyone in the loop. Besides, contract correspondence via email is not stored together with the contract.

Where is the latest version? What has been changed? Not only it is a big mess, the momentum lost, your business delayed, or worse, lost.

What if you can bring every participant involved – managers, legal counsel, vendors, customers – together during the negotiation process on one shared web platform to work on only one version of the contract? What if everyone can make changes directly in the contract, with a complete audit trail? And everyone is on the same page because automatic notifications and reminders are sent to all when changes are made?

Keep the process going like a well-oiled machine. A frictionless process closes the gap between verbal agreements and signed contracts.

Key benefits of using Oneflow

Track document after sent.

  • Know what happens to your contract after it’s sent. Has it been read, opened, forwarded?
  • All correspondence and a complete audit trail are stored together with the contract.
  • Find out other stakeholders that are involved in the negotiation if the document is read or forwarded to them by your prospects.

No loss of momentum.

  • Approvers, influencers and signers can “edit live” to the contracts online – without going back and forth to Word/PDF.
  • Participants can be automatically notified and reminded when it is their turn or when changes have been made to contract.
  • Easily add stakeholders and delegate signing rights into the process to edit and revise the contracts with just a few clicks.

Interactive and accurate contracts.

  • Add interactivity to the contract with checkboxes, radio buttons, fields, etc. so that prospects are encouraged to “shop” while reviewing your proposal.
  • Set user rights, lock down all or parts of the content in a contract, and control who is all allowed to make changes to it.
  • Fields can be marked required so that the contract cannot be signed before they are completed.

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Take no risks by having all contract data securely processed and stored in one application. Control rights and permissions. Stay compliant with GDPR.

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Ensure your colleagues always work with the correct version of a template. Access all contracts, communication logs, and audit trails with a few clicks - all in one place.

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