Make it easy for your counterpart to legally and securely sign from any device.

Sign contracts anytime, anywhere with e-signing

Asking your customers to print, sign, and scan the contract is no longer an option.

E-signing is a proven way to get contracts signed easier, faster, and is way more secure than ink on paper. To increase security, use SMS and electronic identification signing (e.g. BankID, NemID).

Offering an interactive, modern, responsive signing experience boosts your company image. Plus it is totally environmentally friendly.

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Our digital signature comes with a qualified seal

Oneflow provides basic and advanced electronic signature according to the eiDAS Regulation.

Once a contract in Oneflow has been signed, Oneflow seals the signed contract with a Qualified Electronic Seal.

The seal prevents both intentional and accidental change the document after it was signed. What you signed today will remain verifiably unchanged now and in the future, even if that is 20 years away.

The seal used by Oneflow is applied by its partner Trustweaver AB.

Verify your e-signature independently of Oneflow

Oneflow provides an independently verifiable contract digital signature solution. This means that you can easily verify the authenticity of a signed contract without having to rely on Oneflow for verification.

For every contract that is signed, there is a verification document that follows authenticating the legality of the signature.

Say, if we disappeared from the planet, your signed document with Oneflow will still be verifiable. Sadly, this is not the case with most vendors providing e-signature solutions in the market today.

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automate sales and hiring process

E-signing is just the beginning

What makes Oneflow have the upper hand over any other e-signature solution on the market today is its comprehensiveness. You might think of Oneflow as just another e-signature tool, but that’s not the case.

When it comes to Oneflow, putting e-signatures on your documents is only one part of a much bigger picture. Oneflow automates your entire contract processes from A to Z. This is useful for sales, HR and procurement.

Key benefits of using Oneflow

Sign with the highest level of trust

  • Our digital signature is both qualified and verifiable. This means that it is tamper proof and vendor independent, i.e. you’ll never have to go through Oneflow if you would like to verify the e-signature.
  • Contracts are sealed and we guarantee that no changes can be made in the signed documents without leaving a digital footprint.
  • All contracts signed through Oneflow includes trusted certificates that are a member of the Adobe Approved Trust List.

Control your signature workflow

  • Add multi-factor authentication for additional security on the user ID authentication process by using SMS and electronic identification, such as BankID in Sweden, Norway, and NemID in Denmark.  
  • Get real-time updates on the entire signature process after the contract is sent. Has the contract been opened, modified or signed?
  • Set automated pre-sign approval workflow so there is no need to manually email or remind approvers whenever there is a change to the contract.

Offer an amazing signing experience

  • You can select the signing method that works best for your counterparty – email, SMS or electronic ID
  • Signer gets an invitation to access and sign your contract in Oneflow through a unique URL that is impossible to replicate or guess, without having to create an account.
  • Your contract is fully responsive and accessible from any web browser and device with just a click.
  • The signed contract can be downloaded as a PDF by all parties involved.

The Ultimate Guide: What Makes An E-signature Legally Binding

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16 different ways e-signing can help you save time and work smarter.

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Most frequently asked questions on e-signing

Yes, it is legally binding and court admissible in most parts of the world, including all European countries, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and a majority of countries in Asia. The regulations in regards to e-signing are rapidly changing, that’s why Oneflow partners with Trustweaver, the leading cloud-based compliance service for electronic invoicing and other legally critical documents, to guarantee compliance to these regulations in every transaction you make. An electronic signature or e-signature carries at least the same weight and legal effect as a traditional ink on a paper signature. 

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We offer the most advanced electronic signature which is the default setting for Oneflow verification and e-signing. Your counterparty receives an email with a secure and unique link to the contract, and can e-sign securely and legally from any device with a single click. Moreover, Oneflow offers additional authentication methods using SMS and electronic ID.

Open the signed PDF document in Adobe Reader. You can download Adobe Reader here. In the top, you will see a blue bar confirming that the document has been signed, and you can open the signature panel for additional information about the certificate and its legality. Click here to read our step by step instruction on our blog.

If you’ve been invited to sign a Oneflow contract, then it’s free for you to sign. To send Oneflow contract for e-signing, check out our pricing here.

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